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 Waifu & Its Raging Popularity Around The World


Waifu is a term mainly referring to a most loved female character in a manga or anime. A person can choose any favorite female character from any show as his Waifu. Waifu is a word derived from the English word “Wife,” merging with the Japanese slang it turned into “Waifu.” 

In fact, you can also create your own waifu with a WaifuForLaifu's generator now! Read on to know more about waifus. 

Origin of the word “Waifu.”

Back in the 1980s, some younger generation Japanese used the word to refer to a real woman as their wife or girlfriend. The term “Waifu” was seen as an alternative to the traditional word “Kanai,” which was used to refer to a person’s wife but translated to “inside the house.” 

This term was an exact stereotype. Many young Japanese were wanting to end the gender stereotyping. So they started using the word “Waifu.”

Waifu’s widespread

With the spread of Anime and Manga in the 2000s, many Japanese terms became common in the colloquial language. The word gained extreme popularity and support after the anime Azumanga Daioh. 

In a particular scene in this anime, a teacher would accidentally drop a photograph on the floor. When the students enquire about it, the teacher would reply, “Mai Waifu,” meaning “My Wife.” After this public usage and acknowledgment, the word became extremely popular. 

The search for the term “Waifu” and “Mai Waifu” began back in 2004. It was first used to refer to a person’s wife or girlfriend. by the end of 2006, the practice of referring to their favorite female anime character as their “Waifu” became extremely popular. 

There was a considerable hike in these searches after 2015. With the rise of interest in anime and manga, “Waifu Culture” also saw an extraordinary growth. Not only in Japan, but across continents, the interest for waifu spread. 

“Waifu” resembling “Wife” was an easy way to capture the English audience. As Wife is known and used worldwide, it was an attractive and easy way to get the trend right away to the people. 

An ideal “Waifu.”

Picture 3

The top 5 countries with the highest number of Waifu searches are the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, Paraguay, and Honduras. It is almost surprising to see other countries overtaking the Asian nations in search. The characteristics of a waifu portrayed by an anime are ideal and are loved by many. 

The female characters in anime are not merely submissive and polite. A waifu character is built to make her suitable in all aspects for people to like her. She might be rebellious, evil, or even cruel, but the portrayal is unique and likable. 

Taste differs from person to person, but a wholesome and attractive character is hard to forget. An attractive and intelligent woman could be a simple explanation for an ideal waifu shown in anime. 

Who has a Waifu typically?

waifu pillow

Everyone. Anyone who has an addiction to a particular female character in fiction can have them as their waifu. It is never gender-limited to have a waifu. The term has recently extended to TV Shows and Video games. 

Anyone from an imaginary part of the story can be a Waifu to anyone. There are so far no gender restrictions to it. However, the overall view is that boys view their favorite as “Waifu.”

What kind of relationship is a Waifu?

The term “Waifu” is not only being a fanatic. A person chooses a fictional character to be his waifu because he has become so connected with it. There could be several reasons for it. But most fanatics admit that they have had an emotional or opinion-related connection with their “Waifu” even if they are not real. 

This topic might be hypothetical or unrealistic for non-anime people. Anime lovers generally have a feeling for all the characters they encounter. This extreme connectivity or resonation turns into obsession slowly. When they find characters they could not find in real people, they choose these ideal women to be their “Waifu.”  

Is it just for females?

husbando and waifu

Of course not! How could it be? Most liked male characters are called “Husbando.” Girls use this word to refer to their favorite male characters as their husbands, just like how “Mai Waifu” is an emotion “Mai Husbando” is also the same. This just can not be limited to girls. Any person who likes a male character can refer to him as their “Husbando. 

The “Waifu” merchandise

Considering the warm welcome and intensity of interest in these characters, the Waifu merchandise has been expanded worldwide. All popular Waifu’s have their market. Be it cosplaying or clothes or other products, they have set their trend. 

Cosplaying people’s favorite characters is an easy way to get into their minds. Tons of models all over the world are into cosplaying their favorite characters and making a whole lot of money out of it. 

waifu march

 Most people use pillows, resin figures, T-shirts, Hoodies, and even dolls to keep them close. Their emotional attachment to the characters brings more wealth to the franchise. By the end of 2017, while anime was at growth, many characters were created to become an ideal Waifu. 

The “Waifu Bait” was used to attract more fans to the characters. These baits worked, and the characters became a success. The market continues to grow till now. With every single passing day, there are new products and fans.

Criticisms and Conclusion

Being a fanatic or having a Waifu or Husbando is always a personal choice and has nothing to do with others. But the level of relationship that a person has with their “Waifu” is healthy if monitored. 

The obsession and love for an unrealistic character cannot be encouraged to an extent. The sexual relationship with their Waifu or Husbando dolls and pillows are not encouraged on any platform. 

In reality, unless and until a person turns out to be a hazard to others and their own self, he can do anything they want. It is not always good to stereotype them because they love a fictional character. 






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