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23 Cutest Anime Girls Of All Time

The 25 Cutest Anime Girls Of All Time

cute anime girls

Cute Anime Girl is kind of the opposite of an oxymoron because people sort of expect all anime girls to be cute. In a sense, that is very true because in terms of character design and what not, I legit cannot think of any ugly anime girls off the top of my head. 

Anyways, that is not the sort of cute that we will be talking about in our list today. Our list here will focus on anime girls that have a role in the anime that can be considered  as cute. They may be cute because they are goofy, caring, sweet, and naive. They should be cute in a sense that just having them in a scene changes the mood for the better or they may even have a single line in the whole anime that is adorable. 

So, lets get right into the content of list of the cutest anime girls of all time . 

Also, keep in mind that the list isn't exactly in a specific order. Its more like the first 10 are cuter than the last 13. 

1.  Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (Cowboy Bebop)

cute anime girls

Anyone who is a Bebop fan will know that Ed's name actually isn't Ed. Her real name is Françoise Appledelhi. Anyways, she as other aliases too. A popular one being Radical Edward. She i considered by many as the glue that holds the group together. Ed is childish, giggly, and extremely intelligent. The talks to herself, refers to herself in third person, and spaces out quite often. She sings nursery rhymes to herself and just does whatever pops into her mind. 
She walks barefoot on all four limbs, bites people, loves animals and is pretty wild. She sleeps like all the time and has a very fast metabolism. 

2. Wendy Marvel (Fairy Tail) 

cute anime girls

Wendy Marvel is without a doubt a very cute anime girl. Maybe the mean Exceed Carla makes her seem cuter than she actually is because Carla is like a parent to wendy and she is always taking care of Her. She is pretty insecure about her abilities as a dragonslayer and the size of her bosoms which makes her even more cute. 
She can be kind annoying at times but her her adorable features outweighs everything else giving her a high spot on our list.
She did cut her hair Which i though was Sakura like(dumb). Apart from that she is very endearing and is overall a great character. 

3. Mayuri Shiina/ Mayushii (Steins ; Gate)

cute black hair anime girl

Pretty much everything about Mayushii is insanely cute. From her love for Upa Dolls, cosplay, and giving cute nicknames to people near her. Although she isn't a genius with scientific things unlike everyone else in the lab, she is quite keen eyed and is great at reading people and emotions. She doesn't overreact to Daru's Perverse comments and is quite mature in that way. She is quite Naive and all these feature make her a very lovable character that we all adore. She is one anime girl that you wouldn't mind having around because of pretty much everything.

4. Eru Chitanda ( Hyouka) 

cute Eru Chitanda black hair

I personally find that Eru Can be quite annoying at times because of her curiosity but she is a very cute anime girl. I guess what makes her cute is her cheerful nature, her sensibility, friendliness, innocence and her childlike behavior except for the questioning part. She is a very nice person making her a very cute character.

5. Mio Akiyama (K-ON!)

cute anime girl with black hair

Just imagine being so shy that imagining yourself being at the center of attention makes you faint. Well that is how shy Mio is. I guess this feature of her is the top contributing factor to making her a cute anime girl. She is also very mature, tries her best at keeping her composure, friendly, kind, caring and compassionate. She does adorably freak out over things that she is afraid of or grossed out by. Anyways, she is the best Bass Guitar player that i know of . She trips on a cord and exposes her undies making her traumatized all over again, just when she was at the verge of overcoming stage freight. 

6. Kaede Azusagawa (Bunny Girl Senpai) 

cute anime girl with brown hair

Kaede was an anime girl that i really felt bad for because of everything that she had to go through in her life. Before having amnesia, she has a kind and cheeky personality which made her very social and pretty much made everyone adore her. Kaede does become very distant and drifts away from the social world shutting herself out. You just feel very bad for her and you cant help it. 
Anyways, at times when she is being social, she is absolutely adorable . Her interactions with Mai add a lot to lovable personality. 
Also, She is one character that talks refers to herself in third that I don't mind. She pulls this off quite elegantly. 

7. Yukino Yukinoshita (Oregairu)

cute anime girl in a bikini

Picking a cute anime girl from Oregairu was a pretty tough job because a lot of characters in this anime are adorable. Lets talk about the reason why I picked Yukino though. I guess we expect all anime girls to be like shy, naive, childish, etc but Yukino isn't any of that and yet she is pretty cute. She is brutally honest and doesn't sugarcoat stuff but we will look beyond that
The primary reason that I think Yukino is cute is because of her determination in making things work even at times when she is ill. She just doesn't show her weakness and keeps working hard which is very adorable. 

8. Lisanna Strauss ( Fairy Tail)

natsu and lasanna camping

Lisanna probably is the cutest anime girl according to me. Just one episode of her as a kid playing camp with Natsu was absolutely Adorable. They are pretty much destined for each other but Lucy can be pretty cute too. Anyways, no one can beat the Strauss family when it comes to being lovable. She helps Natsu Raise an Egg as a kid and considers marrying Natsu when she grows up which freaks the DragonSlayer. Anyways She is a very endearing character despite the limited screen time she gets. 

9. Umaru Doma ( Umaru Chan)

cute anime girl

Another cute anime girl in our list today is Umaru. Umaru Chan is famous for having a split personality. Not literally, but she is a very different person when Outdoor Vs. When Indoors. Outside, she is a perfect individual and aces in everything . She is kind and loving and compassionate. Indoors though, she is a lazy individual. So lazy that she doesn't even feed her hamsters. Now, different people could consider either one of her "mode" as cute but for me it is definitely her indoor chibi form ans personality which is adorable. Anyways, if you came here looking for cute anime girls, Umaru chan will not disappoint. 

10. Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie In April)

cute anime girl with blonde hair

Anyone who has watched your lie in April will have Kaori is their list of favorite anime character. Shw is very mature for her age and can be quite childish too. She is quite different from the other characters in this list but that doesn't mean she doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve a spot on here.  

11. Taiga Aisaka ( Toradora) 

cute anime with blonde hair

Taiga has a pretty cute and lovable appearance but that isn't the only reason that I consider to be cute. I think what contributes the most to that factor is her sarcastic, cynical behavior . She can easily be triggered, especially when people call her out on her height. She is known to snap at people and this earns her the nickname of, "Palmtop Tiger" which she obviously hates. Its a cycle of snapping with her. Her size + Her straight foreword rude-ish character is a perfect combination to make her a cute anime girl. I usually think of it like this, angry kids are a lot cuter than kids that are just crying and yelling like insane. Yelling in fine to a certain point if thy aren't crying but the combination of crying and wailing makes  for a disaster.   

12. Kanna Kamui ( Miss Kobayashi)

kanna kamui cute

Kanna is the load of cuteness that took the world by surprise in the year  2017. Unlike most anime characters out there, she not only sold figurines but her cuteness was the reason that she was printed everywhere. Anyways, Kanna isn't as young as she looks and is actully older than her human companions. She is very childish and doesn't act er age. She is nice and caring though and well she has a lot of cute moments throughout the anime. I dont know what it is that anime's do but they make older people acting like a kid seem very cute. Anyways, I don't think anyone will disagree with Kanna being on  list of cute anime girls. 

13. Cyan (Show By Rock ) 

cyan smiling

Cyan is a gothic loli and A kitty. You pretty much overdoes on kawaii with her. Just the fact that she is a kitty give her this spot on the list. 

14. Nezuko ( Kimetsu no Yaiba)

nezuko carrying a kid in her back

People these days just seem to love loli. It's kinda creepy TBH but ......I'm honestly not sure if Nezuko is all that cute but people of reddit seemed to be pretty sure so well, here you have it. Nezuko is a kind and  caring person whilst in her human form. She loses most of her human characteristics when she transforms into a demon. She manages to recognize people that are close to her even as a demon which is a good thing. Anyways, she is a loli and  is pretty kawaii. 

15. Platelets ( Cells on work)

platelets cute moment

Platelets represents the whole of the platelets like other cells portrayed in this anime. I mean, platelets aren't actually cells. They just have a protein in them called clotting factor which prevents bleeding but there is no harm in calling them cells for the sake of this anime. She is shown as being a loving cell, and is pretty bouncy. 

16. Shirahoshi (One Piece)

cute sirahoshi shy with luffy

If I had to make an analogy, Shirahoshi would be a spoiled golden retriever. She is Ginormous, pampered by her family, never been out on her own and so doesn't understand the world. She has been brought up right though, making her kind, understanding and caring. She cries when luffy yells at her admitting that she hasn't been yelled at in her entire life.  She likes luffy which is very cute. Like, she looks past just the sizes which is just adorable. 

17. Nina Tucker (Full Metal Alchemist)

cute anime girls

Nina is a really nice kid. She is pretty optimistic and says pretty nice things to everyone. She is really kind to the alphonsh boys. She has a really important role in the series but i'm not going to say what it is. Do check out FMAB if you haven't already. 

18. REM ( Re: Zero) 

Rem carrying a pot

Re Zero is another anime with quite a few cute anime girls. The characters personality is what gave REM  a spot on this list. I mean, animation wise, rem and ram are the same but rem is a lot delicate than ram and so we love her. She feels like she is inferior to other people. She also falls in love with Subaru after he saves her. To sum it up, although this really doesn't need that, she is an adorable character. 

19. Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou)

cute anime girl with black hair

For those of you that dont know this Chuunibyou (中二病 / 厨二病), often shortened to chuuni or chuu2, is an often-derisive Japanese slang term for the embarrassing behavior of 13-to-14-year-olds. The term literally means "Middle [School] 2[nd Year] Syndrome" (often translated as "Eighth-Grader Syndrome" in US media). Despite the name, it can manifest in people of all ages. Definition from TV Tropes  . 
You might we wondering why i took the trouble of defining Chuunibyou. Well that is because Rikka, our girl is very chuu2. She is this clumsy and hilarious character that you are bound to love. She believes herself to have so sort of magical power and wears an eye patch to seal the powers of her eyes. She comes up with other lame excuses and give magical reasons for doing so. She cant make friends because of her weird fits and she doesn't try either. Anywho, she is a very kawaii anime girl making her perfect for this list. 

20. Izumi Sagari (Eromanga Sensei)

cute anime girl with white hair

Sagiri loves drawing the eromanga that she draws but she doesn't want to be called, Eromanga , because the name is a bit to much. She is shy, speaks with a small voice and users a loudspeaker so that others can hear her. She is easily embarrassed, quite  and well cute.   She is a hikikomori if you know what I mean. 

21. Kosaki Onadera (Nisekoi)

cute anime girl with black hair

Kosaki is another cute anime girl here in our list today. Similar to a lot of the other girls on our list, she is timid, innocent and absolutely adorable. 

22. Mai Sakurajima ( Bunny Girl Senpai) 

cute anime girl with black hair

Mai is THE bunny girl senpai. Like she is the one that made bunny girls popular....just kidding. Okay so to describe her, she is very pretty, she is also an independent person and normally isn't shy. She does have a phase but i'm not going to give details because I don't want to spoil anything.  Anyways, she i very cute and she rocks a bunny girl costume. 

23. Shiro (No Game No Life) :

cute anime girl with white hair

Shiro is probably the most adorable kid in anime like ever. There are definitely other characters like her but she just stands out. She has a brother complex which is portrayed quite hilariously in the anime. It sounds ridiculously weird but well she does. She is just a kid that needs attention, lets put it that way. She is extremely intelligent and speaks around 18 languages. She is terrible with emotions though and she isn't very expressive. Anyways she is very cute and is different from other characters in this list in term of the genre of anime she comes from. 

That is all for our list of cute anime girls. I have definitely missed  a lot of deserving characters and there are some not all that deserving on the list. Anyways, feel free to let us know who we missed and we will add them. The list is not a complete thing and will be updated so let us know about the cute anime girls we missed here. 


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