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I’m very picky when it comes to comedy animes. There are some animes that tend to be labeled as comedic…but I don’t find it funny. Its not that I don’t understand the joke, I definitely get it…I just don’t find it funny. Sakamoto desu ka is one of those type. I still enjoyed watching it, but did I laugh at its antics??….Nope.

To further expand my reasonings, here’s my thoughts:

Sakamoto desu ka? was anime about a guy who’s too cool, too perfect, and too amazing. Everything he does is really cool and surreal, even me as a viewer I find his actions…very weird and facepalm worthy. Lel. The reaction of the people around Sakamoto were unbelievable too. Its too much. I know this series is an anime, but the level of their admiration to him was…outstanding. I can’t help myself to feel weirded out by them. Not only the fellow students, but also the adults bear to witness Sakamoto’s greatness. Its….too weird. But I digress, this thing that I’m weirded out is after all is the charm and the main point of the series. Ha.ha.ha.ha.

There’s not much story to explain in this series. Its…about Sakamoto and his peers’ reactions and thoughts about the MC. That simple. I do like the fact that I could get some morals out of this series, at least. Though the scenarios where a bit surreal, as long as the good message was told/shared properly, I’m sold.

I think the only negative thing I find about this series would be the fact that its not worth it to binge watch it. Its only my opinion, but this is the type of anime series thats better off watching it on a weekly basis or any kind of schedule as long as its not binging it in one go. The series would get boring in the long run and it would be hard to concentrate to watch it.

The art & animation were okay. It didn’t impress me but its also not bad at all. Its average at best. I do like the color palette through out the series. It fits well with the anime. Though at times, I do question the character design of some characters. At least it was consistent until the very end.

I admit, I had seen this anime during its airing, but I stopped watching it cuz it wasn’t my cup of tea that time. So now I rewatched it, in dub. The english dub is so slick and on point. The voices of the western voice actors fits the characters really well. Their performance made me enjoy the series even more that I expected. Kudos to the voice actors, they were impressive.

Overall, this series is enjoyable, but yeah, its not my cup of tea. For a comedy series, I didn’t laugh or even chuckle to the ‘jokes’ (is it right to call them jokes?? weird…). The premise is unique but a bit boring. Its not a bad show, but its not also a really really good show. I do recommend this to everyone. Just try this one out. I might’ve not like this as I expected, there’s always a chance that other people would find this series very funny, and to an extent, would consider this series as their fav.

That is all.
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