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Bruh! Watching an Ecchi anime in english Dub is the best combi ever. Watching it in dub is alot easier for me, especially cuz the english language is one of my dialects. Another thing is, its more vocal, more pervy and ‘ecchier’ if its in english dub. Hehehehehe.

I just recently finished watching Hundred (like few hours ago) and it was fun. It has flaws and it followed the typical light novel ecchi tropes, but it was fun.

To further explain my thoughts, here’s my review:

So typical. Everything about this series is so generic and typical for an ecchi harem light novel anime adaptation. One guy who turns out to be OP, was able to capture the main girls one at a time without even knowing (dense AF!!). But infairness, this anime series ends with a canon pairing, at least.

The story is so mediocre and flawed, I couldn’t point out all the wrong things this series did cuz they are too many. Lel. But likes I said, its still fun. Why? Well, its cuz of the interesting and had huge potential plot points that this story had. Example of those plot points would be Sakura’s powers, Claire’s family, and Emile’s/Emilia’s royal lineage. Those plot points were really intriguing, unfortunately, they were not pursued much which was a shame. If they had pursued it more, epsecially Sakura’s and Claire’s arc, it would be a better plot that this current one. But I guess, the reasoning to this would be the fact that the anime followed the LN. They didn’t dive into those topics yet, cuz it wasn’t covered fully by the chapters/volumes the production team planned to adapt. It was like we only saw the tip of the iceberg of that arc. In a way, I am now interested to read the Light novel. Lel.

The characters were….alright. I’m not a fan of the main characters, Hayato (too common MC name of an ecchi harem anime, LEL) & Emile/Emilia. They are not that appealing and likeable too me. The main protagonist was too generic, his decision and actions were too predictable. It was boring to watch him. Don’t let me get started with Emile/Emilia. I was to punch this character’s face so bad. I find her irrelevant and useless. I don’t understand why she’s the main girl. Everytime she goes gaga over Hayato, uuggghhh…why her?

My favorite character in this series is none other than Claire, the student body president & head of the Lily Garden. She’s so badass and her Hundred are so amazing and very powerful. The only problem I see with her character would be the fact that she goes into tsundere whenever Hayato is there. Uuuuugggghhhhh…why??? It ruins everything.

The art & animation is also generic and meh. Nothing is new in the table. The animation of the fight scenes were a bit underwhelming too. There’s nothing to praise about this.

Overall, this series is average. Its an ecchi harem anime at its peak of normality. LOL. Its too typical and ‘okay’. I do like the fact that I was almost convinced by this series that there would be a different pairing that would end up together, but meh, it was the canon one instead. Boring and unreasonable. I do wish they added more new stuff in this series. This anime was a bit a disappointment, at least it convinced me to check the light novel. Heheheheh.

I recommend this series to the people who likes ecchi harem animes. I do recommend also that you watch this series and the other ecchi harem animes in english dub. Its much more fun and funny cuz of the provocative words that was used. Hahahahhaah.

Anyway. thats all.

Thanks for reading.


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