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I always enjoyed watching sports anime. It gives me good and positive feelings every time I finished watching a series. Giant Killing was one of those animes that made me feel good.

Theres alot of sports anime focused on soccer/football. The notable ones were Captain Tsubasa, Hungry Heart: Wild Striker, Inazuma Eleven, and the latest one was Days (TV) from 2 years ago. Giant Killing was one of the top soccer sports animes in MAL, but still, I don’t see much people talking about it. Well, I don’t really see any people talking about sports anime to begin with, LOL. I only see very very few anitubers who likes and talks about sports anime.

Anyway, to give more spotlight on this anime, here are my thoughts:

Giant Killing is a sports anime I watched few years ago, but wasn’t able to finish cuz of…uuuhhh…hard drive issues. Now, I was able to get a copy from a friend, and binged the freakin’ hell out of it. Damn, it was good. So good. Its been awhile since I felt this good watching a sports anime (I think the last one was Baby Steps…oohohohoho). Its definitely different from the usual sports anime we see. This doesn’t take place in a highschool setting, but a real professional sports conference. The characters are mostly older, I think 20+ years old, real grown people. Very different.

This anime is about a used-to-be-famous soccer player turned coach returns to his home team and becomes their coach. I find this different from any other sports animes that I watched cuz the main character is not a player, but the coach itself. We get to see the players in his point of view. We get to see how he coaches the team, made them a better one, and most of all, make them win again in the league. This kind of setup is very intriguing and interesting. I enjoyed the heck out of this series.

What I like the most about this series was the characters. They made the story. The story flowed cuz of the characters. Each one of the characters were really interesting and memorable. I don’t feel any annoyance to any of them, cuz there’s always a reason why they do what they do, and why they did those actions. Everything was justifiable. The main character, Tatsumi, does alot of inconventional ways in coaching the players. At first, they were bewildered by his instructions, even me I would be like them too. But like I said, there’s always a reason to every action and decision. Tatsumi’s coaching was for their own good, and the results was amazing. The difference of the team from the early episodes to the last episode was enormous. They become solid as a group and each of them has a role to fulfill in the court. Their growth was really really touching to see and watch.

Another thing I liked about the series was the realness or the closer to real life aspect of the series. Cuz of the nature of the soccer league, winning, losing and getting a draw were definitely normal, and it showed here in the series. You would see alot of loses here in Giant Killing. More than the usual in any other sports anime. Those loses weren’t sad or bad, they were actually used by the main character to atleast motivate the team to win next time. Getting a lose is inevitable, even the Gold State Warriors aren’t even consistent with their games. With those loses, they would recognize those mistakes they made and grow, grow to become a better player and member to the team.
One of the best thing about this series was the art and animation. Bruh, everything is detailed. Even though, I’m a bit iffy on their looks, for some point, each character facial features and even every nook of their body is very detailed. It’s really good to look at them even though they are not pretty. Let’s not forget the animation. The freakin’ animation. Damn, it’s so detailed. Even though they incorporated CGi to make the players move, they animated the soccer moves really well, my mouth would open in amazement. Its that appealing to look at.

Now for the no so good points. I am not a fan of their character design. For an anime about real life soccer, they sure looked to anime to me. Lel. Tatsumi’s weird nose sometimes distracts me whenever he’s on screen, some of the player’s looks felt too unnatural and surreal. Maybe they did this on purpose or something, but I’m abit offed about it. Anyway, another not so good thing about the series would be the pacing. To be honest, for me, I definitely liked how the pace and the flow of the story were going. But I can’t say for others, it might be too slow for them and I understand that. I do see some inconsistencies in the pacing. There were games that they would skip, and sometimes they are stuck on a certain problem far too long that my likin’. Even so, all of those could be under looked, after all, this anime is amazing.

Ah! Another thing. Well, this is not a bad point, but something I wanted after seeing the whole series. I WANT A SEASON 2. Yes, this anime deserves one. I want to see how far the team goes, and I want to see them grow more. There’s so much stuff they still need to work on and achieve, ending it before the tournament even ends is freakin’ torture to me and to the fans of this series. Sigh.

Overall, this series is a must watch, especially if you are a fan of sports anime. Its different and it won’t disappoint you (unlike Days (TV)….sigh…). Watching this anime would be a nice change of genre too to other people. Sports anime’s kinda rare these days so watching this one would definitely give you good vibes. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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