Otakued for a Comment

Otakued for a Comment
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Anime Characters That Made an Impact (part 2)

Anime Characters That Made an Impact (part 2):

Q: If you had to choose 2 characters that made the greatest impact on you or the two most memorable anime character who would you pick and why.

By: nabe-chan / GEEK NABE

I'll go with Usagi Tsukino from Sailormoon and Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass. The moment I finished reading the question, these two characters popped up in my head immediately. Both are definitely memorable, but for different reasons to me. 

                             Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino

Back in the 90s, Sailormoon is such a unique series that puts the spotlight onto the sailor warriors. It was one of the first anime that for once, let the girls be the leading cast. These girls are feminine and strong in their own ways, and I really enjoyed how they portrayed each of the baddies in the anime version. After seeing so many anime that has a likeable and strong male lead, Sailormoon is a refreshing take for me. Sailormoon's lead, Usagi Tsukino starts off as a crybaby. She's really unlikeable at first but soon, she moulds herself into the role of a leader by the strength of her will and heart. Her natural progression into a leader is such a treat to take in. As each arc introduces a better and stronger enemy, she still stood her ground even when she's alone. It's not because she has to, but Usagi understood that she must do it as the owner of the Silver Crystal. Both personas, Usagi and Sailormoon are memorable to me because they both represent strength of will in the face of adversity. She's my No. 1 role model when I was really young, so there's that too.

Lelouch vi Britannia / Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia

On the other hand, Lelouch is memorable for me because his voice actor's performance is bloody magnificent. All Hail Lelouch vi Britannia! ... Okay, I was partially joking. I like him because there are just so many facets to him as a character in the series. In S1, he's a thrown away prince with a grudge towards his father. He kept his head down and is happy just being with his sister. It was only when he received his Geass powers that he believes he now stood a chance against Britannia. S1 was mild with plot twists here and there. Plus, Lelouch's stratagems are still grounded and logical. I personally think this is intentional as he has yet to cross the line to put all his heart into getting back at his homeland. It was during S2 that all hell breaks loose when it comes to sudden plot twists. It's also when he started straying off his path and has truly embraced being an avenger with no hard limits. Then S2's ending happened. Blimey, it then dawned on me the type of character Lelouch is - he's doing this for his friends and families. In fact, his goal has never changed since S1. Lelouch is memorable to me not because he is cunning, but because despite the hate he has towards his parents and the injustice he sees in the world... He is still the same Lelouch that cares for his friends and family. We see him take many falls but he persevered and came back stronger. And yes, his voice sounds super velvety when he flexes his Geass.


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