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Recently, I chatted with a close friend of mine. She shared to me how much she likes the Honeyworks anime series. She even force/recommend me to watch them cuz of the fluffiness and sweet romance of the anime series. I gave in to her command/request, so I watch them.

First, let me say to you my thoughts about Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai.

I…kinda screwed up the arrangement of the Honeyworks anime series. I thought this one was the first anime of the series so I carelessly watch it immediately. Little did I know, this was the 2nd movie of the series, but its also kinda a prequel to some scenes of the first movie (which I will be reviewing next….don’t worry).

Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai anime movie was really cute and innocent. It follows certain characters as they realize what love is during their innocent days, itssooo darn fluffy. I do admit, this kind of story is quite overused already, but this movie just works. It doesn’t fail to make me smile on the sweet moments, and feel sad on the hurtful moments. For sure it will have the same effect on the other viewers as well.

What I like of this movie was the careful way of telling the story. Watching the movie felt like I was reading a book. Its both have good and bad moments. The good one would be more depth to the main characters feelings towards his/her crush/love. We actually see or it had been shown to us a couple of times how much they like the person, but they just can’t seem to say the words, “I like you”. The build up to the end was worth my time. Especially the post credits scenes, definitely a must watch.

On the other hand, the bad one would be the lack of depth of the side characters. Well, it can’t be helped that they lack a lot of screen time cuz this is only a movie, it doesn’t have all the time in the world to go in depth to other characters. I do understand that, but I felt that there’s a wasted potential of depth into Arisa’s ( the purple-haired twintail) character. Until now, I’m still confuse as to what her role in the series. At first, I thought she liked the main guy, but then she said that she’s doing all of this cuz both the main characters were kind to her. What? It kinda feels abit too shallow. Maybe I’m judging too much here, but yeah, her character is definitely lacking and she’s kinda a result of a poor writing. Other than that, I’m all good.

The art and animation looks alot like the art in the album covers in Honeyworks. It’s quite pleasing in the eyes, and everyone looks too good to be true. Too handsome and too beautiful to be real. Lel, they are anime characters. What the hell am I saying?!?!? Anyway, what I meant is everyone, all the characters, looks too anime or too perfect human beings. Its not a bad thing, but partnered with a real-like story, its a bit off-putting to me. Only a tiny little bit. The animation looks good. Everything flowed well. It was a bit stiff on some minor scenes but it could be overlooked.

Of course, we cannot talk about the music, its a Honeyworks anime series after all. The music all through out the series were quite nice to listen to. The lyrics definitely fits well with the narrative of the story, and the artists featured were quite the good ones too (Trysail, HoneyWorks, Nogizaka46). Though it was kinda generic, its still easy to listen to.

Overall, this series was unexpectedly good. I didn’t expect that I would like this as much as now. The overall movie was really sweet and innocent. Even though I can’t relate to the characters much (my adolescent school days wasn’t this fluffy, unfortunately), there story was something I daydream during though innocent days. Hahahahaha. In that way, its quite memorable and relatable.

I definitely recommend this to peepz who likes romance anime or romance stories in general. This is definitely in their liking, though other people are welcome to like this movie too.  XD

That is all.

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