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Otakued for a Comment
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Seasonal Anime Sucks And Heres Why:

To avoid any confusion, I want to make it clear before I start this post, that I love seasonal anime. But it doesn't help the fact that most seasonal anime suck.


Good. Because I'm going to get right into the post. Here are some reasons why Seasonal anime suck. 

Its not the anime that sucks but the things surrounding it. And some of the anime do suck . 
Ach..... dE..M, Slayer ...oooo!!


After my long journey of watching anime, I have realized that I prefer to watch anime and only anime that have ended and have no more impending seasons. 

Why you ask?

The anticipation teaches you patience and that's the beauty of it ?

Hmm. let me say that that is BS and you know it .  

If you could have the whole of any of your favorite anime come out right now, would you say something like .."No I would rather wait, I prefer the anticipation and it gives me something to watch in the long run"? . 

Hopefully not, and if you would say so, You really don't know the beauty of binging shows. 

That is one crap aspect of seasonal anime. The other is, if the anime is good and hooking, which they are for like the first 6 7 episodes of the first season, they drain productivity. And I know its not just
me who  feels this way. You don't want to wait for the next episode so you go online to see what people have to say about it or you start another show only to have an additional load added onto your anticipation. 

The product of It all?  You are not very productive . You don't get crap done.  I had one season where I watched like  4 5 anime and well Im not very proud about that.

They well all scheduled to have a new season come out but that never happened . 

Thats not the worst thing though.  I will talk about what is worse in the next point . 


If any anime gets attention and comes into trending for a season, the flow becomes trash. It is as if they were going to finish it in the first 12 episodes. That is how good the flow is. And its not just that fast paced stuff is better. 
But if it gets attention, they start brining irrelevant things in just to extend the show. 

I can never understand what it is with good shows and extensions. 

I watched Naruto and for Gods sake, it finally ended. Good ending and I was happy about that. 

I started OP and dropped it in Big Moms arc because it is trash. (Its unnecessarily long , I feel like the     ending will be really disappointing after all the hype that has been built up) Of all the things that
could possibly be done to extend an episode, the creators made a full on,  5 6 minute scene of cups, tables , trees and pretty much everything you can imagine singing and dancing. 

Sure I enjoy a good cliff hanger but dancing cups and singing trees? 

Lets not get to those anime though because I was talking about the short ones . Well I think I said what I had to . Anyways you invest time in a show and its really good for the initial episodes, it loses that flow, becomes trash, and ends in a cliff hanger . 

Ok, I can wait until the next season but half the time they get delayed or never show up. Sometimes they show up after such a long time that you forget what the anime was even about . 

Do you know why they do that though ?

Its because they never had a second season prepared. Sure, they know how its going to end and all but they have no idea what sort of crap they will add in between to extend the show. 


What is with Anime Watchers these days? 

 Hype over Demon Slayer? Seriously ?

I have been really curious about what the hype was all about and have come to the final conclusion that half the time, the anime that is getting hype is because that is the first, or one of the few anime that the person has watched and they have nothing to compare it to so they don't really know what is good and what is not.  (The animation and fights are good, don't kill me)

I think Im the type of person that enjoys anime without the hype, That explains why I don't like the hype. I really enjoy watching underrated anime so if you have any suggestions let me know down in the comments below. 

(#101 random anime suggestion 
There was this anime about soccer that I really enjoyed called DAYS

Aaaandddd that concludes todays articles. If you actually read the thing you will realize the fact that I actually enjoy seasonal anime but there is a lot of trash surrounding the good side of seasonal anime which is what I don't like. 
So I guess the title was a bit misleading ? maybe not? 

Anyways thanks for sticking till the end. Feel free to share your thoughts down in the comment section below and have a great day or night depending on when you are reading this. 


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