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This…was amazing! But! It’s also not perfect.

Redline was a movie I had tried to watch since I got a copy of it. I tried to watch it, but I just can’t finish it. It was either I got disturbed and lost my mood to watch this one, or I was scared to finish it for some reason.

During my break at work, I decided to give the movie another shot, maybe just maybe, I might finish it in one go. And, THANK YOU LORD, I did.

Its hard to describe my feelings after watching this. This movie…definitely blew me away.
It was a shock. The visuals, art & animation, were all on point. Nothing was a miss. Everytime I screenshot something, it doesn’t look ugly. The seven years of making this movie definitely was worth it. Though I do think this kind of visuals is not for everyone. For some people who likes to watch softer tone and cutesy animation, this is definitely not their alley, but they can try and watch it I guess.

I think the only negative of this movie would be the story. Its too simple, and at the same time, there’s so much stuff going on. The visuals isn’t helping. Lel. Sometimes, I kinda forget who is who (mostly, the supporting characters), cuz most of them look almost the same, not mundane-lookin’ fellas. When I said so much stuff was going on, I meant it literally. The story was about JP at first then the Redline. Then we get a bit of connected arc with his bff, Frisbee, and the mafia. Another one was the Roboworld and their crazy stuff. We also get some glimpse of who were the fellow contestants of the race. Then there’s Sonoshee. I mean, having all of this plots, its supposed to be okay, but this is a damn movie. You can’t just cramped it all in one 1 hour & 45 minute movie you know, that’s too much. If this anime was a series, 12-13 episodes I guess, this anime would be a hit. There would more space to elaborate more details and ideas about the world in Redline anime. It would be a better version of the anime.

Well, you might have heard about this anime movie before, like its one of the best anime movies. Funny, when this was released, this movie flopped. It was too much for the viewers at that time to appreciate this anime movie. Now, with people seeing an anime not just in one perspective, but also analyze it more, people nowadays kinda gets this movie. Even me, if I hadn’t seen the anituber’s on youtube, I wouldn’t even bother to watch this one.

Overall, this movie is really good. It might have some flaws in the story department, but through its amazing visuals, you kinda feel like forgiving all its sins. Hahahahaha.

I recommend this to people who likes to watch something new or revolutionary when it comes to visuals. Like I said before, this movie is not for everyone, but anyone can atleast give this one a try. You won’t lose anything….maybe just your 1 hour and 45 minutes, but theres always a big chance that you’ll like this one. Just try!

Anyway, that is all.
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