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This series was highly recommended to me by a close friend of mine. She said that I would definitely like this series, cuz of its theme, genre, and the overall aesthetic of the series. And damn, she was right.

But before I get all feelsy (where did you get this word, Sirius?), let me share my thoughts about this series. I’ll try not to spoil anything.

First, let’s talk about the story. The story was really, really interesting and intriguing. My curiosity was on high at each episode, just to know and uncover the mysteries around Yuuko. Even though the series was kinda episodic, the stories and happenings on each episodes helped build up the main story. With the right pacing and splendid storytelling, the climax was full of emotions. I want to express more about those emotions, but I’m afraid I might spoil it you. All I know, those feels and rollercoaster ride of emotions near the end was worth it.

Well, except the ending of course.

Yes. The ending.

Why was the ending like that?!?!?!? I was already settling on the fact that this show might get a sad but right ending. And yet, that ending was thrown over the bus and behold, a “happy” ending happened. Bruh, I don’t call that happy at all. The ending was really unnecessary. Anyway, looking at the bright side, it does fit with the theme and feel of the anime.

I really really like how they played the genres well. This series was not only mysterious and romance, it’s also has a comedy tag as well. And bruh, this show is damn funny. Through the animation timing and the characters, the comedy was really well done and can counteract the heavy emotions brought by the story. And oh, this anime is also Ecchi by the way. I almost forgot about that. Hahahha.

I really don’t mind Ecchi, especially if it was done right. Like look at how Yuuko tries to seduce you. Hard to resist, right?

The ecchiness of this series is not too revealing. They show ecchi when its time to show ecchi. I like that part of the series. And I commend the staff of this series in making the ecchi scenes enticing to watch. They are not over the top, but they are pleasant in the eyes. Its how they try to make the anime watchable even for the younger audience.

One of the reasons why everything seems to be done well, was the art and animation. Like,


Do I still need words for you to understand how beautiful and pleasant in eyes this anime was to me? I think the pics pretty much explains them.

Another plus to this anime were the characters and their development through out the series. All the characters had depth and purpose. Seeing them grow all through out the series was also pleasing to watch.

Momoe was the comedic relief. It was fun to watch her get excited about the ghost stories around their school. Even though, she was very knowledgeable with the stories she still can’t see Yuuko. Lel. All through out the series, she was the least developed character Even so, seeing her becoming close to the other characters was enough growth for her character.

I love Kirie’s character, her spunkness and her tsundere was entertaining to watch. It was really cute seeing her go girly sometimes, and she really does look like Yuuko. With her trying to solve the mystery about Yuuko alongside Niiya, we get to see Kirie’s character develop. I love how she carefully tries to piece everything together and always share them to Niiya.

Niiya. To be honest, I am not fond of him. lel. I dunno. He lacks something. He was bland in the earlier episodes, but he did stood out near the end. I don’t have really much say about him other than I liked his character growth near the end. That’s all.

Yuuko. Wow. She is quite a waifu material.

I really really like her. But nah, she’s still not my top waifu. At least she is in my waifu list.

Everything about her is really intriguing, as a human being and as a ghost. Out of all the characters in the series, she had the most development. Well, she is after all the main heroine. Duh!

Hhhmmm…its kinda hard to describe or explain things about Yuuko. I might spill some spoilers, and I don’t want that. So, if you want to know more about Yuuko, watch this series. Okay?

Overall, this series was really good. I’m happy I listened to my friend’s recommendation. I did the right choice.

This series is a good anime to binge-watch when you don’t have anything to watch. You can also watch this series if you are into ghost stories, or into mystery, supernatural, with a mix of comedy, ecchi, and romance as well.

That is all.


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