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Ping Pong The Animation Anime Review | When Sirius Writes

Originally published on When Sirius Writes.


I….got curious. Almost every youtuber I follow seems to like Masaaki Yuasa. The animes he directed, animated & created, always get praised and recommended. Cuz of that, I tried watching his stuff.

I first watched Tatami Galaxy, but it didn’t work out. I dropped it. Hold it. Don’t react yet. Lol. I will explain more about the why’s later on its own entry…in the future. For now, let us focus on the 2nd Masaaki Yuasa anime that I have watched and the first one that I liked, Ping Pong The Animation. 


I always have a soft spot for sports anime. Any kinds of sports anime, I watch them. Dunny why I like them, I just do. That’s why diving into this anime, Ping Pong the Animation was easy…..-ish.


 Okay. I admit. I hesitated and was on a pinch. I kinda knew from the very beginning that the art & animation were a bit, uuuuuuhhhhhh out of the normal comfort animation zone. But I thought it won’t be that bad….then I saw the first few seconds of the anime. Not likin’ every single bit of it. I literally paused it, and contemplate, am I going to watch this ’til the very end? The art & animation wasn’t my type, but I still pursued it. Its all for my quest to be an Anime elitist. I need to achieve it. LOL. (WTF am I saying!?!?!?)



This sports anime is one of the best I had ever seen. Everything about this series is amazing, It was a spectacle. Watching this series made me understand, at least, why so many people love and respect Masaaki Yuasa and his work. Every inch of this series was well done, I can’t even describe it properly on words.

The story was really compelling, and the way it was told was thumbs up amazing. It made me stop everything I was doing and just watch the whole series in one go. It was really amazing. I enjoyed watching it alot. Even though its ‘just’ a sports anime, It was a different kind of experience. I can’t explain it well, but the way the story flowed until the very end was magical. I really have no complaints about it.

Even though their was a clear main character, each character had a relevant role in the series. Each of them have enough (even more than enough) character development, even a generic anime could never achieve. It was delightful to see them grow all throughout the series. You can’t help but feel, empathize with the characters. Definitely, outstanding.

ping pong the animatio

I was able to adjust to the art & animation. It was off-putting at first, but I soon realized that this type of animation added alot of depth and original flavor to the series. It’s unique style made it standout over a million other animes out there. Another thing I realized was that the style of art & animation worked really well with how the camera moves. Ping pong sport is known for the fast paced battles between opponents. The fast paced camera shots complimented well with the detailed unique art style of the anime. It was like a match made in heaven. If this anime was to be put on a generic type of art style, it would definitely make the series boring and it won’t give justice to how good Ping pong sport is. It won’t bring out the best stuff Ping pong could offer. Now, I have no problems with the art & animation. It was that perfect.

ping pong the animation

Overall, this anime is definitely a must watch. No words can describe how awesome this is, just watch it. You won’t regret it at all.

That is all.

Thanks for reading!


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