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This anime. Hhhmmmm.

It wasn’t what I had in mind.

I watched this with a mindset that this anime is full of lewd and ecchi scenes. Bruh, I was blown away by Keijo!!!!!!!!. Damn.

Let’s rewind a bit. Let me start from the beginning.

The series was about a female-only sports called Keijo, where girls knocks off opponents using only their boobs & buttocks. Yep, you read that right. The main character was Nozomi. She had some generic-ish type of protagonist personality; easy-going, friendly, never gonna give up character, ‘just happen to be an OP type of character, etc. She aspires to be a Keijo player, she enters the world of ‘sexy girls in bathing suits fighting off each other using their god given goodies’.

Keijo!!!!!!!! aired last Fall 2016. I was able to get a copy, and it was even recommended by my guy bestfriend. And yet, I wasn’t able to watch this for a whole year, cuz of my assumptions above. It might have too many lewd & ecchi scenes. I really don’t have the mood for that. Why would I think that? It can’t be helped you know. Bruh, look at the anime poster above, its full of girls in a freakin’ bathing suit. You can’t blame me for that assumption.

Was my assumption correct? Well, not quite.

It went on a different route than I expected. To be honest, after a year of not touching this series, I literally forgot that this show had also a sports genre on its belt. I pretty much only remembered that this was the anime last year with sexy girls in bathing suit. Yeah, I am so bad.

Now, let me redeem myself.

The premise was generic at best, even the delivery was slightly above average. The flow of the story was surprisingly good. No pacing issues or whatsoever. I really really like the preview scenes. I like how at each end of the episode, before the ED starts to play, they show a glimpse of what to expect next episode. Its not you typical preview that we usually see on other animes. This one was done brilliantly well. Had I watched this while it was airing, I might not stop thinking about what’s going to happen next episode. Damn, I would wait for another week, that would be hell. Thank God I binge-watched this instead.

The ecchi scenes were shown at the right cue. At least it wasn’t like ‘in your face, you can see my boobs’ type of ecchi. I also appreciated the censorship of this series. It had the right amoount of it, and it doesn’t look out of place.

What made the series good to watch, was the fight scenes itself. It made the series amazing and f*cking hilarious to watch. There was a good balance of sports-action and ecchiness to the series. It was really enjoyable to watch. I even found myself making noises cuz of my amazement of the ridiculousness of the moves done by the characters.

Oh! Let us not forget the art & animation. I have no problems with the art & the character designs. Yeah, they kinda look generic, but the main charm was the animation. The fluid animation during the fight scenes were really eye-candy. I wouldn’t be excited and be amazed if it was for the right balance of good animation, right amount of ecchi, and brilliant fight scenes.

This anime was really enjoyable to watch. I would totally recommend this to everyone. This is a one hell of a sports anime. You’ll definitely enjoy the heck of this.

There is a sub and dub available for this series. I watched the dub, thinking that I might watch and multitask at the same time. And Bruh, I was wrong.

That is all.

PS: Kudos to the writer of the anime. Damn, the writer actually created alot of ridiculous moves in the series. It was hilarious and ridiculous! Especially in english dub. XD


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