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Now, I am going to review today one of my favorite animes for the young ones, Dog Days. This anime is very memorable. If I didn’t discovered how awesome this series would be, I won’t be able to appreciate children animes.

So, without further ado, here are my thoughts:


This anime is an example to why I love to watch children animes. Children animes have this charm, that is very positive and happy vibes, I can’t stop smiling watching it. Most of their plot are very simple and easy to understand, Dog Days is one of them. Cinque (or Shinku, either way is fine), got transported to another world to become a hero and help a country in their war games. We then follow his adventures in the new world along side new comrades he meet. Very simple, right? Simple and fun. The way I like it.

With a simple plot, I don’t see any problems with the pacing as it was an original work. As a viewer, you don’t know what was going to happen next. You can sit back and relax and let the story unfold. One of the best factor of the series was the very interesting vast of characters. Each one of them was unique and likeable, though I do admit some of them fall on the typical archetypes of anime personalities, still it doesn’t define who they are. Each of them has a distinct character design, which makes it easier, for the viewers, to identify who they are. Speaking of design, both the art & animation was really good. It was consistent until the very end.

I think the one of the downside I see would be the story was the Season 3. It was a bit underwhelming compared to the previous seasons when it comes to the story. It didn’t bring any new stuff about the series and it felt like a stagnant continuation of the previous seasons. Another weird (not really a downside) thing I found in the series was the fact the immediate enjoyment of the main characters when they transferred to another world. This factor could be off putting to some people, but for me, I just let it slide. Hahahahhaah. It adds to the whole package of absurdities of the whole series, so why question? LOL.

Overall, this whole 3-season series is definitely worth a watch.  Dog Days have shounen, comedy, moe  and some ecchi elements to it and everything were blended really well. Its really fun and full of positive vibes. It doesn’t disappoint. Try it.

That is all.

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