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Rewatched anime here.

When I first watched this, I wasn’t paying attention much to the ending. So now that I have an official copy, I immediately rewatch this.


I can still remember how hyped I was before watching this few years ago. It was the newest anime series after the release of one of my favorites, Hibike Euphonium. I had high hopes for this, but…..yeah, it didn’t turned out as what I expected. It was…uuhhhh…underwhelming. No wonder I forgot the ending, LOL.

The story is very interesting. I saw alot of potential for the series. To be honest, this reminds me alot of Qualidea Code. So much potential, but cuz of the rush and weird turn of events, it became a mess and underwhelming in the end. But, I do admit, I did enjoy watching this one. I first watched this when it aired weekly, it was an enjoyable ride. Now rewatching it again, I still enjoyed it. I like the comedic timing of the jokes, the shifting of the camera/perspective, definitely a KyoAni production.



The characters were really likeable, but also plain. I think the only character I come to like later on would be Mai. I would award her as the best girl of the series. Well, compared to the other girls, she got the most development and the most growth. She’s even better than the main guy. Like I said, Mai is best girl. Ha!

Visually, of course, its KyoAni. Its drop dead gorgeous. The quality of each scene is amazing to watch. I always get eyegasms watching the recent KyoAni animes. (especially the fanservice ones… <3 <3 )



But in the very end, it always goes back to the story, and how it was told. I kinda know from the beginning that this was a light novel adaptation. But I didn’t expect that the whole series was only cover one volume of the freakin’ light novel. Waaah!! This is unbelievable. (I won’t comment of the other volumes of the original LN, I will only focus on the volume where the series focused on.) Sigh, it kinda answers alot of my questions, actually. No wonder the middle episodes felt flat, repetitive and lack of substance….story-wise. It freakin’ lacked material to cover. I haven’t read the LN myself, so my judgment is definitely biased. Just…don’t mind. I’m just disappointed.

nope…..can’t unsee it.
Overall, the series was quite enjoyable to watch, but it was only okay. Average. Mediocre. Watchable, at best. Not worth of someone’s time, but if you are bored, you can watch this. Just don’t expect it to be ‘really good’.
That is all.

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