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It ended.

One of my favorite animes just ended. Uuuwwwwaaaaa.

I’m sad.

But at the same time, I’m also happy cuz I love how the series ended. And yeah, I know its an original ending. Still, it was written and supervised by the author itself, that’s why it was still so satisfying. I might say, its one of the best original ending I had ever seen. Maybe I’m kinda biased, but nah, so be it.

I really really love this anime. I enjoyed watching this every week. From the story to the long necks, I appreciate them all. I do admit, it had some flaws here and there. Even so, it didn’t stop me from liking this anime.

Okay, I need to stop rambling how much I love this anime, and just give details as to why I love this anime. Lol.

The story, was generic at best. Its a typical sports anime premise on the surface level, and its pretty much okay. What made this series really good was the progression of the story and how it was told. If I look at this in the perspective of the people who were ‘anime only’ , I could definitely say this anime was really well-paced from beginning to end. It was consistent and the story flowed really well. But in manga reader’s perspective, I did find some flaws in the anime. There were times that the anime felt rushed and slower than usual, it was sometimes hard to watch. I agree on both perspectives, they are all reasonable arguments after all, especially the manga reader’s perspective. I was once a anime only watcher of the anime, but after reading the manga, I could definitely say that they could have done it better. I won’t spoil much and just be vague about it, there were some scenarios in the manga that I think would work out really well if it was added in the anime too. It would add more depth to the characters and add more flavor to the story. Nevertheless, I am kinda contented with how things were done in the anime. It had flaws, but its still good.

The characters were really likable. I love everyone, I couldn’t hate any character. All the characters introduced were not shallow, but instead they were really realistic and interesting. They are very relatable and as a viewer, you understand how they feel. I think I already expressed how much I love this certain character before, but I’m still going to gush over how much I love this person. Chichan is <3 .

Yes, you read that right. Chichan is best girl. I love everything about her. She is raw, independent, hot-blooded individual. I just love her character. I also love her relationship with Tatara. It might look abusive and a bad relationship, but thats only on the surface level. They both need each other so that they can grow and become a better person and a better dancer. You know what, I just love this show. XD

Let us not forget the art and animation. To be honest, I was kinda iffy with the Haikyuu-ish artstyle & animation, the long necks and curvy curves were both not helping. But after watching it for some time, I became accustom to it and I find it fitting to the story. The exaggeration of the animation made the series more unique and entertaining. For the animation of the dance, I’m pretty much okay with everything. Dunno about you, but I have heard quite alot of noise from different viewers about the minimum animation on the dance. I don’t blame them, this is a dancesport anime after all. At least they went all out in the last episode. They animated the dance routines really well, even though its still looked exaggerated. I pretty much don’t care.

Both the OP & ED songs from the 1st cour & 2nd cour were really really good. It gave me eargasms everytime I listen to it. If I were to choose which were the best OP song, it would be the 2nd OP, “Invisible Sensation” by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN. I just loved it more than the first OP. For the best ED song, I would choose the first ED, it feels more fitting to the series compared to the 2nd ED.

Overall, the series is worth a watch. I definitely recommend this anime to everyone. I know there were some flaws here & there, but all in all, the series was very enjoyable. I might binge-watch this in the future when the I could have my own BD copy of this anime.

Thanks for reading.



PS: ah! before I forget, Tatara x Chichan ship is definitely sailing after the last episode.
<3 <3


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