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I said it.

Dang! This anime is so good.

It’s one of the best ecchi romance comedy anime out there. I can’t believe I actually dropped this along time ago. Lol. This was really really good. It was really funny and I love everything about it. I enjoyed watching this very very very much. Bruh, as you can see, I’m loving this show too much.


Okay. Let’s be proper, and try to make a ‘proper’ review.

I think it all started few months ago, when a youtuber (i forgot who the youtuber was….my memory keeps on failing me..what to do??) was giving his first impressions with the fall anime lineup. When he discussed about “My Girlfriend is a Shobitch”, he said that “B-gata H-kei” already did this type of story and they did it way better than the former. After learning this, I got curious. I wanted to know more about B-gata H-kei, so I researched. Then, I realized that the said anime was also called ‘Yamada’s first time’, which I had dropped a long time ago. Lol. Oooohohohoho.

When I first encountered this anime years ago,  I watched it in sub and low quality (specifically, 360p), I didn’t like it. The first episode didn’t hook me so I dropped it. I pretty much judged it as an “another romance ecchi anime”. This time, I rewatched it in dub, and with better quality, and My god, this anime is blessed. It’s a good thing I rewatched this, or else, I might have abandoned a really really good show just because of my initial bad impression of it. Lol.

The story is about Yamada, a popular freshman in highschool, wants to get laid 100x. But the problem is, she awkward and doesn’t know a thing about sex, or even flirting. With this kind of premise, for sure, this anime is bound to be really ecchi and funny. And it freakin’ delivers. The ecchiness was not over the top, and its comedic timing was really good. I also like the fact that they interact to the viewers whenever the main characters does some stupid things. Though there are times that there jokes were kinda dry, I’ll just let it slide cuz I know there were more jokes later that I know I am going to laugh out loud.

The animation is kinda outdated. Let me emphasize the word ‘kinda’. Well, this anime was released in the 2010’s. Compared to other animes that year, this one is on the better side. The series was colorful and bright, and the character designs for each character was really distinct and unique, I liked it. It totally fits well with the story of the series.

The characters were really likable and somewhat relatable too.

Yamada, I do relate to her awkwardness towards the ‘how to’s’, cuz of course, I went through the same phase. I both like and dislike Yamada. I like her whenever she is clumsy, shameless and awkward, but whenever she is on guard or being mean to her bff and Kosuda, oh man, I really want to punch her face. Lol. She sometimes go out of the line, and I couldn’t stand it and its definitely not anymore funny.

Her bestfriend, Takeshita, was really MVP. Hahahhaha. To be the ‘person to go to’ of Yamada, was no easy task (Dang girl, kudos for you efforts!). She acts as the straight man to all the stupid remarks of Yamada, cuz of this, she also bring hilarity to the series. She might be my fav character in this series. Ooohoohhohoh.

I also like her boyfriend, he was very caring and very likable. He was always there for Takeshita. He wasn’t an asshole and always wishes for the best for Takeshita. Its definitely hard to find a guy like him.

 Kosuda, on the other hand, was kinda bland but also likable but not in the same way as others. He lacks appeal, and sometimes he comes off as boring. Well, he is a cherry awkward shy boy after all, so I’m letting it slide.

The deities of the main characters were really hilarious. The sharpness and on-point comments of Yamada’s Deity were really funny. Even though Kosuda’s Deity doesn’t appear as often as the former, the latter shows up during the exact time Kosuda becomes ‘excited’, and its freakin’ brilliant. XD

I watched this series for the second time in dub. One of the reasons was because its ecchi. Based on my experience, ecchi animes tends to be more hilarious when its in dub. Bruh, its proven and tested. I watched Makenki, Freezing, Date A Live, and other ecchi animes in dub, and they are freakin’ hilarious. Maybe cuz of the language. As much as I love the Japanese Language, English is one of my main languages so I lean more to it. Another reason was because I thought I could multi-task while watching it. I am a busy person (ha.ha.ha.ha. this is true you know….), so being able to minimize the player for a minute or two while still listening and understanding wtf is going on is a pleasure. It makes me feel like I didn’t miss anything. With that being said, I do recommend you guys to watch this in dub. Its really good. The voice actors did well in voicing the characters.

Overall, I enjoyed every minute of this series. Damn, its been awhile since I enjoyed an anime this much. I definitely recommend this to everyone, its really hilarious and enjoyable. To peepz who watches ecchi, romance anime, bruh, watch this. This is not even a harem series and has a canon pairing in the end, thats a plus.

And oh, to all the peepz who saw, “my girlfriend is a shobitch” and yet haven’t seen this anime, WATCH THIS. You might like this better than the shobitch anime. Just sayin.

Thanks for reading.

That is all.


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