Top 5 Anime Of 2019

Top Five Anime Of 2019:

Hey guys and welcome to todays blog post. 2019 was quite the year with a lot of anime releases which made it pretty difficult to choose the top  anime of 2019 but I really tried to break it down to what I thought was the best anime of 2019. Without any further ado, lets get right into todays blog post of the top 5 anime of 2019.

1. The Promised Neverland:

The Promised Neverland was an incredible switch up from this recipe that has tormented horror anime for the past while. Rather than concentrating on preposterous death scenes and modest panics, The Promised Neverland returned to what made ghastliness so damn agreeable in any case: it investigated a truly frightening idea. As a devotee of horror themes, it was invigorating to at long last watch a real loathsomeness story in anime. Far and away superior, a truly amazing horror story. The Promised Neverland may not be the best anime this year as far as production quality, however it revived a theme like horror in ways that few anime of the past we able to do. 

2. Mob Psycho 100 II:

Mob Psycho is the perfect combination of hilarious moments mixed with great action packed scenes.  The approach to the art style is quite different in comparison to other anime but it really grows on you and you end up liking it. The uncertainty and confusion created in the Mob for the sake of curiosity in the audience is what really reels me into this anime . Mob Psycho was therefore, a very satisfying anime to watch. 

3. Demon Slayer:

Demon Slayer without a doubt, deserves a spot on todays list. The first thing that comes into mind when you think about Demon Slayer is the amazing Graphics and Sounds.  It also contains some of the best OST in anime like ever. Although the story in itself isn't completely new and original, the approach taken into making the anime is quite different. The anime makers really seem to focus on each character so much that you feel well acquainted with each one as you watch the anime. You should, for sure, check out demon slayer if you already haven't done so because this anime won't let you down. 

4. Kengan Ashura (season 2):

Kengan Ashuracan be  described as an an anime like approach to martial arts in a sense that it is very exaggerated.  The superhuman action might be overly dramatic but isn't a problem at all once you get used to watching the anime. 
Not all the fight scenes involve the main character and there is honestly quite a large range of characters but each fight scene is very well done and the outcome of any fights isn't obvious (which it probably would be if the protagonist were to be involved). 

5. Kemurikusa:

Consider Kemurikusa, the odd one out, in todays list because although the anime is amazing, I don't think a lot of people got a chance to watch it and it probably went unnoticed in the sea of the other new anime mentioned above. The story is very unique. I guess you could kinda compare it with mob pshycho but the action and the comedy, despite being a very low budget anime surpasses that of mob psycho. If you have already watched the other anime on todays list, why dont you check out this anime??

Anyways, thanking for checking out todays list of the top 5 anime of 2019. If you think some other anime deserved a spot on todays tight list, do let us know. 
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