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Otakued for a Comment
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[Review] To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episode 6

Hello everybody!  Today, we are going to discuss episode 6 of To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts. This episode shows us how humans have a bad habit of working off of certain presumptions, which is can be a dangerous flaw.  The episode also shows the true strength of an Incarnate.  Cain is the villain in the show.  He really reminds me of other villains from this season's anime, namely Tsukasa from Dr. Stone.  We are also introduced to a new character that poses a threat to Cain.  Meanwhile, Cain has been busy gathering some deadly allies.  Let's not waste another second.  Let's talk episode 8.

Schaal Is A Major Liability

In the last episode, Schaal is abducted by Cain, Elizabeth, and a little girl.  In this episode, she is tied to a chair and examined by the little girl.  We learn that the little girl's name is Miglieglia.  Then, Elizabeth crawls into the scene (she has spider legs) and rips Schaal's clothes off.  Later, we see her in a different dress.  I did not see the point in changing her clothes.  It didn't make a difference in the story.

You kind of know that at this stage in the anime, Schaal is going to be more of a hindrance than a help.  She does not have the skill or instinct to survive in a world that contains Incarnates with a vendetta.  I respect her bravery in the face of terror, but her aim is to understand, not to survive.  And right now, she needs a survival instinct.  Hank should be focused on his mission, not Schaal.  That's why Schaal needs to either learn how to protect herself or stay far out of the way.

The Brawl at the Ball

Cain gives Hank an address to a mansion.  Before Hank arrives, Cain is hosting a party for humans that financed his cause.  He gives a rousing speech about how he and the rest of the Incarnates fought for humanity, but humanity turned their backs.  He then brings out a posse of Incarnates.  The group starts cheering until the Incarnates starts killing them. They were used for their money, then killed.  
This just proves that we as humans are very presumptuous.  Of course, Cain is going to use this group to accomplish his goals.  Then, in classic megalomaniac form, he disposes of them once they've outlived their usefulness.  We see it in anime (and in real life) all the time.

While the carnage continues, Hank bursts on the scene to fight Cain and save Schaal.  He's then followed by a new character named Claude.  Claude leads the unit that is tasked with killing Incarnates.  As we can see from previous episodes, they're doing a great job.  They've killed exactly zero Incarnates.  But, Claude is here to kill Cain, who happens to be his older brother.  The battle between Cain and his Incarnates versus Hank and the unit continues.  I'm not going to say what happens next, but Cain is extremely satisfied with the result.    That result is terrifying and I definitely wasn't ready for it.


This was an excellent episode.  The battle was exciting and the ending was surprising.  How will this surprise change the parties involved?  I'm definitely going to tune in to find out.

Wrapping it Up

Well, that's it for To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts episode 6.  If you liked my review, there are others on my blog Couch and Chill.  I'll see you next week!



  1. Your comment on Schaal sounds like an SJW comment who hates feminine women, also that clothing rip scene was different in the manga, the anime flanderized the spider girl, “survival instinct” is bullshit.

    You just want to rant about “Muh strong women”.


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