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Otakued for a Comment
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Classroom of the Elite Anime Review | When Sirius Writes

Hi guys, it's me again, Will Sirius.

To continue my streak here in The Lost Otaku, I will be sharing to you guys another anime review from my blog, When Sirius Writes. If ever you want more of my anime reviews, just check my blog out. Feel free to follow or subscribe to it. Heh.


Classroom of the Elite sure is something. When I first saw this last year, I had no expectations it would be this mind boggling. From Ethics to Human Manipulation, this anime is surely my cup of TEA.

One of the main hook of this anime is its intriguing story. Its really engaging and very interesting. Though, I do admit the class setting is rather generic and a bit overused. Still, it was executed well. The story arcs were nice and all, but it was the last arc, summer camp arc, that made me feel the intensity and harshness of their situation. 

Don’t get me wrong, the other arcs were interesting, but I mostly find them as introduction to the whole cast and their personalities. They are still relevant for “character building”. I really like how each arc were paced, it made the series not episodic and we, the viewers, got time to “breathe”. 

But what made me love this series were the characters. Yes, most of the supporting characters were forgettable and useless, but it was the main characters that stood out and blew me away. They made this show really really great. There personalities were fleshed out really well and we also got to see them grow all through out the series.

Well, except for Ayanokouji, LOL. He’s…someone we could call a “sociopath”, but we can’t diagnosis him yet. Heh. Maybe after I read the LN’s. 

At first, I really thought he would be like any other edgy and “philosophical” main protagonist, but no, he was different. It was around the 2nd episode when I noticed he was too… conforming, and at the same time, quite cunning. Rather than being “shocked” by the ending, I was actually rejoicing cuz I got it right. LOL. He was indeed something else. Hahahaha! 

I might talk more about him in a different post, but for now, let’s move on to other characters. 

Horikita was an interesting fella. I really like her. She’s the type of person who doesn’t put on a facade and always face head on, to her goals. Her development all throughout the series was remarkable. From being a soloist, she was able to gain a lot of “nakama”. Lel. I find it a bit sad when at the ending, Horikita’s genuine feelings were only one-sided cuz of Ayanokouji’s manipulation. I do hope everything would work out later on. (I really need to read the LN)

Before I share to you my thoughts about the art and animation, let me share to you an interesting info. 

The english dub of this series was amazing. The western voice actors portrayed the characters really well, especially the monotone speaking of Ayanokouji. Damn. Believe me, I’m no bias. I watched this series thrice. First in sub, wasn’t able to finish it though. Second was in English dub, binged it. And lastly, again in sub, also in BD. I’m not saying the Japanese version is bad, I’m just sharing to you guys what I discovered. It’s not easy to find a really good english dub nowadays, after all. 

Now for the art & animation. I had seen both the tv version and the BD, and bruh, I find the difference between the two really interesting. In the broadcast version, the art was bright and the animation was too stiff. It reminded me of the hentai art & animation. In BD, the art’s brightness was tone down and not anymore painful in the eyes. The animation was a lot smoother too. It’s alot more more engaging to watch.

The character designs looked generic, but it followed well the Light novel illustrations. I really like how the colour palette shifts whenever there is a tone and mood shift, it helped a lot during my watching. 

Overall, this anime was really really interesting. I didn’t expect I would like it as much as I do now. It was really enjoyable. I might check out the Light novel of this anime soon. Anyway, that’s it for me. Thanks for reading!


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