The Promised Neverland: One of The Best Anime of Winter 2018 (Spoiler Free Review)

The Promised Neverland
One of The Best Anime of Winter 2018

(Spoiler Free Review)

The Promised Neverland, the anime that got us shook, and made us search for reaction videos on YoutTube to watch as other anime fans got shook. Truly, this show was a treat! But not everyone follows anime seasonally, so this post is for anyone who may have missed it on its initial release.

It doesn't matter if you weren't keeping up with the past anime season, there are just too many releasing every season. It's a nightmare just managing your list of shows you've been meaning to get to. But this isn't something you're going to want to miss! I encourage you to give it a try before reading more, because the less you know going in, the better your viewing experience will be.

The Spoiler Free Review

Truth be told, this isn't easy to get too deep into because this show is riddled with spoilers. No kidding! Every episode ends with a cliffhanger!

But this is what I can tell you,

The Story

It all begins at a peaceful home with orphans who enjoy the simple things in life; family, friends, tasty food, and outdoor games. They live with their caretaker, Mom, and love each other dearly. But one day, they learn a terrible truth that they'll never forget.

I can't go into more detail just because of the nature of the story. With all the mystery surrounding the show, I wouldn't dare spoil any of it for you here. The overall quality of the story is spectacular, and I was never sure what could happen at any given moment. The writing was excellent and the characters were a joy to watch. One thing's for sure, this is a story worth following.

If you enjoy suspense and unpredictability paired with great writing, then please give this show a try! You won't regret it!

The Characters

The characters who take the spotlight are Norman, Ema, and Ray (Pictured below).

Norman: The soft-hearted methodical mastermind.

Ema: The spunky and clever red-head.

Ray: The cautiously negative super-genius.

As you can see from their descriptors, the one thing they have in common is their brilliance.

They may not look like the most original cast of trios among the ones we've seen, but they shouldn't be underestimated. These kids are quite the loveable bunch, and are gripping to watch!

They make choices that actually make sense in the situations they're put into, and they feel like REAL KIDS!

Well... Kinda.

They take a 'What if kids were geniuses?' approach, which I surprisingly enjoyed. This basically means that they are more capable and mature than any child at that age would realistically be, but are also prone to childlike behavior; overly optimistic and naive at times, but then again, that's mostly Ema.

Oh, who am I kidding? They could've given Light from DeathNote a run for his money, and beaten him for an Oscar! They don't act like kids at all!

But I kinda like that... 

Without that more childish side of themselves, you can take them more seriously, but they're still loveable and endearing when they should be. You still sympathize and worry about them more than if they were adults, and it's because they're kids.

Kids who now have to worry about things that adults shouldn't even have to live with. Honestly, the rest of the characters are just as, if not more, interesting than the main three. But the less you know about them beforehand the better ;)

Music and Sound

Holy moly!

Talk about a thematic presence. These tracks are fitting for every scene they're paired with and enhance the viewer's experience exponentially. Whoever composed these tracks, THANK YOU. On top of an excellent OST, you can really feel the effort put into the sound effects of the show. Most of which are utterly spine chilling! With these two combined, they create something truly special.


The sheer amount of atmosphere packed in each of these scenes is amazing. There are a lot of scenes where characters are simply talking to each other and you find yourself on the edge of your seat.

Goosebump-inducing and quite beautiful, the audio is one of the many stars of this show

Animation and Cinematography

The cinematography (not to be outshined by the music and sound) plays a major hand in the atmosphere too.

The animators really need a pat on the back for this one. They worked in some first-person shots of characters walking down 3D hallways, and stairs. All of which add an uneasy feeling, almost like you're being watched or that anyone could pop from around the corner without warning. This creates an air of unpredictability to the show's suspense that I didn't expect and haven't experienced since.

Besides the inventive 3D usage in the background of those key shots, there's no other CG found in the anime!

The 2D drawings are simply beautiful, and the faces are very expressive, to a point that it actually helps to sell the crazy situations the characters find themselves in. The backgrounds are well drawn and movements are dynamic and fluid when they need to be.

All around, it's a treat for the eyes!

Conclusion: Highly Recommended!

If this is something that interests you even a little, please stop reading and start watching this show! There's honestly so little that can be said without changing a newcomer's experience entirely. Even if you're not sure about it, I recommend just watching the first episode. Give it one episode and you'll know for sure whether this anime is for you or not. :)


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