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Attack on Titan season 3: Titan History Explained! (What we know so far)

Attack on Titan season 3: Titan History Explained! 

(What we know so far)

The latest Attack on Titan episode threw us all for a loop! We learned two versions of titan history and got thrown into two new points of view. With these two sides on the warpath for years, there's a lot for the viewers to get caught up on. There was so much revealed and little time to soak it all in, and with all of the new information we're bound to get in the next installment of this beautifully confusing series, it might be useful to review this new Attack on Titan lore.

So, without further ado, let's dive in!


The History of Titans: Eldians vs the Nation of Marley

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1,820 years ago, Ymir Fritz, the Eldien Queen made a deal with the "devil of all earth" to gain the titan powers we see put to use in the show. When Ymir died, her spirit was split into nine separate titans. These powers would be used to create the Eldian Empire. They defeated the nation of Marley and ruled the entire continent.

Here's where things get dicey.

Image result for eldians vs marley animeApparently, the Eldians thought that they were Nazis for a while and started calling themselves a superior race, thinking they were above the other people. This lead to the oppression of the Marley people (other races go unmentioned).

They stole valuables, supplies, and used other people to breed with them to grow their numbers. All of this continued for 1,700 years.

Of course, the nation of Marley didn't take to kindly to all of this, so they started fighting back by infiltrating the Eldians from the inside. Somehow, they managed to take control of the nine titan powers away from Eldia and fought "the Great Titan War" (which took place eighty years ago from when this episode takes place).

What a twist! 

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The Marley nation won, and the Eldian King ran away with a large majority of his people to an island called 'Paradise' to live on, and there he built walls to protect them. Yes, those walls we know so well. 

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However, the rest of Ymir's people had been left behind on the continent of Marley. They took mercy on the people of Eldia and let them live in a segregated area as second class citizens separated from the Marleyins by a few walls. He threatened any who'd try to invade his lands with a promise that he'd unleash a million titans upon the earth if any dare to challenge him.

This is the history according to the victorious Marleyins. 

How much of it can we trust? Well, later on in the episode we're given another version of this history.

When Grisha meets the revolutionaries called 'Restorationists', he had access to a scroll with more details on the titan's past.

From what he could decipher, Ymir got the titan powers so that she could help develop the lands and build up their primitive civilization. But, he follows it up with many assumptions. Grisha admits that he can't decipher the full scroll and is assuming these things on what he could learn and the faith he has in the Queen Ymir.

This can mean a lot of things, but most importantly, this tells us that we still don't know everything.

This article is written for an anime-only audience, so this isn't taking the manga into account, but for those of us who haven't read it, we still gotta lota secrets and mysteries to look forward to!

Thank you so much for reading!

Leave your theories and thoughts on this subject down below. Please refrain from spilling manga secrets! Because as we know, this show is best experienced by knowing nothing ;)


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