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A review on Seishun Buta Yarou Wa Bunny Girl Senpai No Yume O Minai


'Rascal Does Not Dream Of a Bunny Girl Senpai 'or just 'Bunny Girl Senpai' for short is truly a masterpiece in the world of anime. Since its airing in 2018, it has successfully taken over the heart of all the viewers. Its success lies within the beautiful plot full of facts and amazing concepts.


My anime list: 8.5/10
IMDb: 8/10

The plot:

     The beautiful plot of the anime revolves around the concept of adolescent(puberty) syndrome which is initially taken as just a weird rumor over the internet. Puberty syndrome in this anime is a strange condition that causes unexplained oddities and strange events happening in the life of teens and adolescence who face unstable emotional changes . The anime successfully includes the scientific theories and psychological aspects such as Schrodinger's cat, Laplace's demon, Quantum entanglement, Quantum teleportation and Superiority complex.

       All these scientific theories and psychological aspects are all linked to the life of each female character who is introduced and is shown as a victim of Puberty syndrome. The protagonist, Sakuta Azusagawa,  who was once a victim of puberty syndrome ends up being stuck in the problem of puberty syndrome of others. A socially awkward guy like him interacts and tries to help the other victims of puberty syndrome and makes good relation towards all of them. The first female with puberty syndrome, Mai Sakurajima gets helped by Sakuta. In the act, a beautiful and sweet relationship starts to bloom along them.

     Each character in the anime has a different issue and a story of their own which can often be related to the life of a teenager. The competition and comparison among the siblings and being left out from the group which often distresses teens is shown in the anime as a major cause of puberty syndrome. The issues in the anime can be totally relatable to one's life and that is the beauty of the plot in the anime.

       The opening and the ending song of the anime are truly a piece of art and is one of the most beautiful anime song that will echo your mind each time you think about the anime. The quality of animation is quite good and worth being called a part of 2018. This anime became an extraordinarily beautiful and iconic anime of 2018 in the romance genre. The romantic and funny scenes between Mai and Sakuta truly touches the heart of each viewer.

Now, the main question "Is it worth watching?" Truly, each second of the anime is a treasurable moment and certainly it is worth watching. Only someone who has seen it knows the true beauty of the anime. So to enjoy the beauty of the anime, it is 100% worth watching.


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