Reading Light Novels

There are different types of nerds or "otakus" as we like to call it here. (apparently they mean the same thing and i had no idea)  Some are into gaming , some into cosplaying and then reading anime and watching manga is the intersecting point of all otakus. Did I get that part wrong?

Anyways I was thinking about the different types of otakus and i found the perfect list which you can see down below :

(sorry about the trash quality )

Anyways, among the different types of otakus there are, I never saw a "reading light novels" type of otaku. Is that because Otakus are lazy?

I personally love reading all sorts of different books, whether it be fictional or non fictional so I thought I would try reading A light novel from a Japanese author so broaden my tastes. I dont know which one I will read yet but if you do have an idea please let me know in the comments.

Also, I got done watching scums wish recently so I will be doing a post on that soon . Lwill also try to post daily from today. I dont know if i can butI will try my best .

And last but not least I will try to journal the "reading light novels" thing to let you guys experience my journey and i will also try to finish within a week .


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