Every time we think of hip-hop, pop , rock or to be honest , any form of music except for maybe jazz, we link it to the younger  generation. Music and Age,  come almost attached with each other, with a bond that basically cannot be severed and a bond that no one has attempted to break until now by none other than EMIKO SHIBAMURA . 

Emiko Shibamura , Japanese fashion icon, best-selling author, and self-
help guru's song "Akindo Fighter" is the proof that you don't need to be a young to be in the music industry . It is proof that one shouldn't let themselves refrain from doing things they want to try out because of different labels that society has put on people. It is a sign for people to break out of their bubble and explore themselves without caring about what others might say. 

I have listened to this song so many times that its always at the top of the playlist that youtube automatically makes for you . I have listened to multiple hit k-pop songs of BTS ,Blackpink  etc. and honestly, Akindo Fighter has so much more hype . (not that i understand japanese or korean) Unlike most music video these days, Akindo Fighter does not fail to entertain you for even a second.

Although Emiko was specific about the video being a message for the older generation to be self conscious about their age being the defining factor of their interests, I feel like this could very well apply to anyone , no matter the age.The amazing song and music video has thus delivered a message just as great and for that I really revere Emiko. 

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