Hi everyone,
Ever Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to see what I would look like as an anime character but I had no idea how that was possible. I tried to look it up online and I could hardly find any of such services and the ones I did find were too expensive and kind of outrageous. I don't think I found anything for under $50 so it was kind of crazy and I obviously did not find out what I looked like as an anime character until way later until an actual manga artist in Kyoto did a portrait of me. He had a different and unique(his own) art style but I wanted to try out something different (different art style).
           SOOOOOO. I figured, I would start this project :)


 So you have decided that you want to see what you would look like as an anime character. Its quite simple really. Just follow these steps:

1. Snap a picture or send us a photo that you have already taken to be "otakued" as we like to call it

Email your photo to ( aabaranpaudel7@gmail.com ) to be animated. Choose a photo that is clear and has a decent quality. You can send multiple photos too to give us an idea of your traits. 

2. Pick your styles

You can choose from different art styles and you can reference those art styles to usto have the "anime you" look you desire.

Maybe you want a sharingan or a rinnegan. Maybe you want to be wearing dragon ball clothes or an akatsuki cloak. Well, whatever it is that you want, just let us know in the email. 

3. Be Patient

Within a week of you sending the email ( we can do it at whatever time you see fit ) , we will send you your animated version . 

*NOTE    ( The payment is completely up to you :) . Anything above 5$ is good with me . this can be further discussed in the emails)

1. All Payments are carried out via paypal.

2. You can also have your image be plain manga instead of having it colored and stuff.  

3. You can also contact me through my facebook

4. email at aabaranpaudel7@gmail.com


  1. Too much expensive. Your not skilled enough to take $20 for that. Personally, I won't even give you $2 for this.


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