Helix Waltz : Best Anime Dressing Game?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of games?

Basic info: Helix Waltz, a dress-up story based game developed by uBeeJoy and
it’s on both iOS and Android

iOS:​ link
Android: ​link


The answer to the question that I just asked you keeps on changing just like time does. If I were to ask someone from the 80's they would probably think of pac man, donkey kong, or some arcade game. Now, people would think something like Fornite or PUBG. Also, all games come out set for a target audience, wether it be little girls, teens, or older gamers. Dressing games would generally be targeted for younger girls and probably won't be at all interesting for guys.

I had that sort of thinking myself before but just last week I came across a dressing game called "Helix Waltz" and it changed my whole mindset altogether and I don't think any other game would have been able to change that. Now when you think about it superficially, there isnt anything special about dressing games. "Whats so fun about virtually putting clothes on some cartoon girl or guy?" and thats something you are expected to ask to be honest and to answer that question : 

Don't  play the game because its a dressing game and don't say such games are bad without playing them because well, I dont like Heliz Waltz for being just a dressing game. In fact I dont like helix waltz for being a dressing game whatsoever. Its not that component of the game that allures me but its the mesmerizing and unbelievably captivating story line that follows the whole dressing process. Its about how one event leads to another and the dressing part of the game is like adding toppings to an already finished cake.  
If you are a regular reader or a visitor at this blog, or even if its you first time on this site, you probably already know how much I love anime and well, If helix Waltz was an anime then it would be one of my favorites. 
Just think of it this way: Helix Waltz is an interactive anime, which is the best way to put it. 

Another way to put it is :

You know the feeling when you come across a good book or a novel and become so engaged in the plot/story and just keep on reading?  If you know that, you know the feeling when the book is over and you are left to fill the remaining gaps of all the questions you had with your imagination and that "imagination" that books makes you do is the reason why books are kept at the top of the entertainment hierarchy. It makes you question, it makes you think, it makes you wonder, and it leads to creativity. You have to imagine everything from the face of the character to the setting of the book and you even feel what the character is feeling. 
In a similar way, the people who enjoy reading seem to frown upon video games because they make your mind dull and there isnt any thinking involved and that is exactly when Helix Waltz Comes in place. 

Conclusion : Why should you play Helix Waltz?

1. The story : Without any doubt, my favorite part of the game was the story. I got so hooked into it that I Iliterally finished half of it In one sitting. The story was so captivating that I liked that part of the game more than the dressing component itself.

2. The Novel Reading/Anime watching experience:
  The story in this game is so much different than what other games usually gives you. Most games have a mediocre plot, this one has a plot with a great story that actually engages you makes you not want to stop playing.

3. Great For your imagination:
Obviously, not every single thing is stated in the game which allows you to imagine a bunch of stuff.

4. Dressing :
First you get engulfed in the story, then you actually enjoy dressing Magda. You actually care about doing a good job.

To sum things up, I feel like Helix Waltz is a very unique game in its genre and it could be very popular, not only among youngsters but even with older people. It breaks the bubble of your typical game, making it more of an interactive story than a game. This could be a great opportunity for game making companies because In this modern world of technology, there is a very high possibility that video games like Helix Waltz will take the place of story books of helpings kids learn and grow.

iOS:​ link
Android: ​link


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