Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser, The Best RPG Game Ever Created?

grand chase

With the passing of time, new games come out that are developed with newer technology and with more advanced mechanics than previous games. These games get a lot of hype and have a huge fandom initially but inevitably, they die out and become as dead as a black hole. Let’s just take Pokémon Go for example. It became the most popular game in all the platform stores and got the most downloads of any game, and a few months later, it was dead. The main problem with these games is that they can’t seem to adapt to the players changing desire and they get boring. The same can be said for games that are currently trending like fortnite or PUBG or whatever.   

BUT, one thing that never gets old are RPG & MMORPG games. Let’s just take Pokémon for example. I could still play the original Pokemon games without getting bored no matter how many times I play them. The reason is that, there’s always something new you can do. Now there's a new RPG out, Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser.

Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser

The game starts off with a very captivating story that explains everything and also introduces the game in an amazing way. Even if you're the type of person person that skips the story and just plays the game in other RPG's, Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser will change that for you. 


The game starts off by explaining how everything works and teaches you the basics which can be quite annoying, but I recommend you don't skip even if its for the story. Its literally like watching anime. And you know me, once I find a good anime I don't stop watching it until it ends. 


Having played a lot of RPG's  I could tell right away that Grand Chase is very different from any other RPG's I have ever encountered in my lifetime. Usually while playing RPG's you feel like you're not even playing the game and it seems almost as if the game is playing itself, if that makes any sense. In that sense, Grand Chase is very very different because it is not your regular RPG game, it is a strategic RPG meaning, you have to use your head and decide whats best (everything from skill slots to team building) . 

I don't think I have ever come close to losing any RPG, it the initial phase at least, but Grand Chase changed that for me. It wasn't just mindless tapping at the screen until you defeated the boss or even the little slimes. It was the whole thought process and the decision making that was involved in the fights. 

And what's even better is that you can even play PvP. 

Grand Chase Wiki

You are getting a way better gaming experience with Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser than any other RPG out there. Grand Chase has amazingly smooth gameplay, choices in the graphics that you want to choose, and an online multiplayer feature that is also incredibly user friendly.  Also, there is no such thing as stamina, so you don't have to worry about waiting to play. 

Conclusion :

  • Grand chase is by far the best RPG game on mobile right now.

  • The PvP feature is super smooth and is the dream of every RPG lover come true. Even if the story ends the fun doesn't.

  • You Actually have to use you head. Grand Chase requires strategy instead of the mindless tapping that you would normally do in other RPG games making this game surprisingly challenging 

  • You can choose from an Ultra HD or the regular graphics Depending on you device.

  • It's literally like playing an anime.

  • The storyline is very captivating and interesting


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