4 Tips For Becoming one of the Best Player on Pokeheroes:

4 Tips For Becoming The Best Player on Pokeheroes:

Hey Everyone,
Its METALHEART back here with another blog post to help all Pokeheroes players on becoming their absolute best. Having played Pokeheroes for about 3 years, I can confidently say that I have gathered up a lot of experience in this game and I think that I am qualified to share them with you. I am not the best player on Pokeheroes, but I definitely feel that I know some things that other great players don't. That being said, If I do miss anything in this post today that you think is worth the mention just comment down below. Without any further ado, lets get right into it:

Pokeheroes isn't just your regular Pokemon game where the only aim is to complete your pokedex and get all the gym badges. In fact, its completely different from that as almost all the players have a different list of objectives. Some might wanna get a list of shinies, or get all the legends, or a ditto. We all have certain things that we want, and although there might be an overlap in our goals we are all unique. In order to get somewhere and complete your goals you can't just grind gaming hours. Pokeheroes is a game that I would say is based on socialization so you need to learn how to get along with people in order  to get somewhere.

In order to be the best in Pokeheroes, there are two main aspects :
The Social Aspect: 
The social aspect refers to all the interactions you make with people and all the time spent talking with people.

The following tips that fall under socialization will help you get along with people and be the best.


Adding a ton of people to your friendliest is beneficial in many ways. When you have a ton of friends  your posts or your feeds will be seen by more people and they can thus help you out with problems you might be having.  As you can see, I have a ton of friends in my friendliest and the new rule about having limited friends kinda sucks for me.
                Also make sure to occasionally go through your friendliest and remove people that aren't active anymore.

Giveaways are great ways of becoming popular and letting people know that you are actually playing Pokehereos. Sure you might not always have the best things to giveaway but anything that is decent like even 50 nuggets will greatly be appreciated by people. Also when you give, you get it back so yeah, just do giveaways. 

3. Answer Peoples Question if You Know the Answer:
When you answer questions that others have, others will repay the favor so answer questions. 

4. Comment on interaction exchange posts

To wrap it up, heres a summary of the things you can do to be the best player on poke heroes:

  1.  Add a bunch of active people to your friendlist
  2. Conduct Occasional Giveaway
  3. Answer Peoples Question if You Know the Answer:
  4. Comment on interaction exchange posts


  1. Amazing blog Metalheart! Those tips are seriously useful and can make you best from the best. Cheers!

  2. These are really good tips for players starting out and players who have been on for a while. Great work! -CupcakeLover

  3. another one: be good in trading...

  4. Great blog, I knew a few of these thing but I'll be taking a few of these tips and tricks to try and get good at PH.

  5. Helpful, thanks! Shared the feed as Misfitz

  6. Nice blog metalheart will follow them

  7. Cool blog m8

  8. Awesome Blog! Wish I found this earlier ;D

  9. Cool :v I think this will be helpful for any new or current players on ph

  10. It's nice to see this. However, it needs more improvement but this one can be a great start. I think you can be a great moderator, though. Keep it up and hope to see new lists once it changes.


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