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How To Make an Easy million in Pokeheroes:

How To Make an Easy Million in Pokeheroes:

Hi everyone,
Its METALHEART, and today I'm here to give you the best tips and tricks on making an easy million on Pokeheroes. Whether you are a newbie or have been playing this game for two years, these tips I have for you will be extremely helpful. I might not be a very high level player, but I can guarantee you that I have a lot of experience with this game. Now, without any further ado, here are some ways you can make an easy million on Pokeheroes:

1. Send Pokemon on Rumble missions:

It literally take 2 minutes to send Pokemon on rumble missions and you can make so much money from this. It might be boring at first but you just gotta hang in there until you have 6 explorer bags. Then thats gonna be your no 1 source of income. Now let me explain, 
Once you get six explorer bags and get to a high level in one of the rumble areas you start getting the following :

  • Mystery Boxes and Keys 
  • Star Pieces
  • Berries
  • Gems 
  • and a few other thing

                  Mystery Boxes and Keys 

You can get about 10 k from each mystery item and even more for the gold ones. If you send the send them on 12 hour mission (which is the best option) you will get at least 3-4 mystery items per mission. if you send them on missions twice a day you are bound to get about 96 boxes every week. Keep in mind that you get even more some times. 

                              Star Pieces, berries and gems:

Although, star pieces are quite hard to get , its pretty common once you find a few. You can sell one for about 45 so stumbling upon 1 every week can be very lucky. Berries are extremely common but I don't know if people would even buy that. Also you get a lot of gems from rumbling and they can be sold for about 400-500 or even 1k depending on the rarity. 

2. Fish

I know that fishing can be extremely boring but you can get a ton of goodies from fishing. You first wanna get a super rod and then you want to gather up as many huntails and gorebyss as possible. Then you can trade for that and get a mega stone that you can sell for 500k. Also you can get shinys and relics and bottled messages and stuff like that from fishing. 

3. Sell Event Pokes:

Do you notice the hype when new event pokemons come out? in such time you can make millions alone. Just as an example I made at least a million during the minum plushie valentines event. I got a female poke and I bought a male and started breeding and selling then for a price that was higher than the average price. That way you can make a lot of money. Just make sure that you are active and you are aware when new event comes up.

Thats it guys, thanks for reading my guide. Hopefully this helps you. DO note that I didn't describe the stuff above because thats basic and you don't make a lot of money doing those. Well anyways thanks for reading and comment down below if you have any questions.


  1. Nice info, any idea what level I'll be taking in over 1k in rumbles?

    1. I was level 40 when I got the search for gold in the eternal tower

  2. Oooh. I'll definitely be taking advantage of the event hype we have recently. Thanks for the tips!

  3. At what level do you unlock the 6th rumble area?

  4. So I haven't gotten a reply? When do you unlock the 6th rumble area?

  5. you get the 6 th bag when you are around level 30 in whatever location you have been sending you pokes, i sent all mine to the same location so i leveled up qyickly there and so i think i got better items since i explored more of the region

  6. what level do i get my 2nd explorer bag?

    1. you will get your 2nd bag around level 13


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