Should I watch Sakurada Reset?

Should I watch Sakurada Reset?

note: Im LA

All the resets Misora does can't stop from LA disliking this anime...

Sakurada Reset is an exercise in patience and pointlessness in LA's eyes.

LA has ALOT to unpack so let's start with it's...

Flaws which it has alot of. Sakurada Reset PRIDES itself on giving us static images and bland deadpan monotoned characters through it's 24 episode screentime, what's worse it that these two elements makes this anime much longer than it's suppose to and sure LA isn't expecting EVERY anime to be shounen-esque especially from a premise like a town filled with superpowered humans and the Bureau governing and suppressing their inhabitants powers but keeping this atmosphere 24/7 won't help the experience of having dead air and slow traction in plotlines to occur and be dealt without as much as a sense of urgency. IT'S AN ANIME ABOUT SUPERPOWERED HUMANS AND A GOVERNING BODY SUPPRESSING THEM, HOW IS THIS NOT FUN???.

The deadpanned monotoness of this anime are easily manifested in the majority of the cast but especially in the form of our main characters Kei Asai voiced by Kaito Ishikawa who has the power of remembering everything and Misora Haruki voiced by Kana Hanazawa who has the resetting powers (before people starts, LA GETS why they are monotoned considering their situation the both of them are in, the fact that both characters have a strong sense of justice and doesn't want people to be hurt and protect them but at the expense of themselves not to mention the Bureau looming around them, but just because LA "gets it" doesn't justify why these MAIN characters are extremely dull on ALL fronts as a result) and it's even worse when this comes into the romance angle of this anime and it is damn forced how they play this out. The fact that these two characters really don't display much to any emotion is one thing, but as LA watched Sakurada Reset, LA just found the romance between these two to be not only forced but plot-driven in Kei's part to the point LA only saw Kei using Misora as nothing but a plot device and nothing more, his ulterior motives in using Misora came into the romantic angle and failed miserably (not only because both characters display no emotion and are pretty static, both in relationship but also the anime's atmosphere outright kills any notion of a romance angle for LA).

Aside from the romantic angle, Kei also has some other plot-driven problems about him, mainly because of his beliefs of not hurting people at any cost but at the expense of his own sacrifice which becomes annoying as that is one of his defining traits and one of the reasons why people think he's a saint or a hero and it's compounded by the fact that due to Misora's resetting powers and Kei's own powers, he resolves ALL problems rather quickly, sure you can defend this by saying well duhh because of the Misora's powers, but Kei's finds some rather TOO convenient ways to resolve things and quickly LA mind you.

Let's see what else, ohh how about the fact that many of the static imagery this anime does display actually hurts it's rare action scenes it has, due to how subdued and lacking in the animation department Sakurada Reset is, even the animation especially the action falters to a slow crawl of heavy action. This also affects the superpowered humans and their abilities as well making their abilities rather dull as interesting as they are at times.

Voice acting also gets crippled by the atmosphere of this anime thus the majority of the characters are either deadpanned or rarely way to excitable. The biggest victim of this anime being Kana Hanazawa due to her robotic way of talking sounds like Kana isn't even caring how she sounds and just doing her basic deadpan Kanade Tachibana vocals only without the effort, it's not Kana Hanazawa's fault it's her character's traits but nonetheless.

So was there ANYTHING LA found enjoyable in Sakurada Reset?, well LA did found for the most part the superpowers element at the very least interesting, even better when Kei found ways to mix other powers together to do something out of this world but this only goes so far but that a bit later. Sumire Soma is LA's ray of hope for this anime, why?...because she's one of the ONLY characters to actually emote in this anime and be different from the majority of the cast, she also shakes things up and allows some of the plotlines to have a modicum of interest and hell Sumire's voice actor Aoi Yuuki is LA's favourite voice actor in this anime hands down, but alas...there's also some problems with Sumire but that also a bit later. Lastly is that the final arc did try to do something Kei giving him a bit of character development and showing us what his true goal is but ummm yeah the finale also has some problems...let's start addressing them shall we?

First the superpowers were interesting and LA quite liked it when they "stacked" with one another making for some interesting results, what LA didn't like towards all this is that Kei manipulates and uses them without a second thought because of his plot-driven nature, it made the entire superpowers albeit interesting lose steam extremely quickly by being extremely convenient to Kei as a whole and nothing more than that (not to mention Sakurada Reset DOES NOT throw us bone when we have to remember what EVERY side characters or one off characters' powers were), also this leads into the Bureau as they do a pretty horrible job at managing powers even in secret by NOT doing anything or using blatantly abuse of power and even allowing a highschool kid to do most of the work for them and expect him to abide by their rules, because of this, it cripples the basic premise of Sakurada Reset to be even interesting.

Second is that Sumire Soma is in this dumb love triangle and SHE'S the one goading Kei and Misora to be together when it's clearly obvious that Sumire likes Kei and LA sees this, supernatural politics aside, Sumire's character is downplayed because of this albeit she's one of the most unpredictable character in this anime and reasonings are reasonably justified in some situations but still LA utterly hated the stilted dumb love triangle Sumire got herself into.

Thirdly is the final arc that LA made LA question this anime's point in pointlessness when it came to the "big" dilemma in this anime and the villain of this anime in question. LA is going into spoilers but LA doesn't care because the villains reasoning was pathetically annoying, but yeah, his plan was to remove every ability in Sakurada because his father wanted to, thus the villain wanted to make his father's wish come true. The pointlessness of this entire ordeal comes from the fact that "so what if people loses their abilities?", why does Kei even care about it?...for his romance with Misora, that's a laugh, as for having abilities or not has a grey morality to it's proceedings as to how they are used but Kei ALWAYS tries to be on the "right side" even if the villain he faces ALSO wants the same thing just using differing methods. So again...does it matter if Sakurada has no abilities anymore or not?...Kei seems to think so, but LA doesn't. Pointless really. (Also you can defend that this is around the time that Kei gains a bit of character development thus is NOT pointless but no...he stays pretty static just with his sense of justice cranked up to an eleven and that he "loves" Misora which again is a moot point for LA).

LASTLY, yes there's more, the dialogue in this anime is utterly pretentious as LA came to realize, with every character spurting out that Kei is a saint or a hero in the most blunt way possible or wondering what this feeling is like to the morality of having abilities or not or even the act of existing comes up. So yeah compounding the dead air atmosphere and deadpanned characters, the lack of action and superpowers glanced over to many of the problems EASILY being resolve by our all mighty janitor Kei...can YOU SEE how boring this anime gets and at 24 episodes at that.

Ohh one more thing this anime review has been sponsored by KitKat, Have a Break, have a Ki- WHAT DOES KITKAT HAVE TO DO WITH RESETTING AND A TOWN FILLED WITH SUPERPOWERED HUMANS. Ohh and yes Kei even says the slogan of KitKat and even shows a KitKat without any change to it's name or product. Can you TELL KitKat sponsored this anime somehow. Think this KitKat tangent came outta nowhere, well the anime does it in the same manner and expect you to NOT break immersion, it does.

What the hell is Sakurada Reset?...

Sakurada Reset is probably one thee worst anime of Spring 2017 for LA and as much as LA has seen some pretty horrible animes but this anime is "intentionally boring" at best and being intentionally boring is hardly a compliment. Being boring is a typical anime cardinal sin, but an anime INTENTIONALLY doing this is another thing altogether, as in this felt like David Productions wanted a break from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and this was a perfect way to put in as little effort as possible. Sakurada Reset also has the honor of the anime of wasting LA's time for being pointless, not since Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori has done this to LA.

Sakurada Reset is boring, it's pointless, it's pretentious and is a waste of your time, time Misora can't reset for the life of her.


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