Should I watch Isekai Shokudou ?

Should I watch Isekai Shokudou ?

note: Im LA

Every day of Satur, a special door opens all throughout a different world, where this door opens up to?..."Isekai Shokudou".

Isekai Shokudou centers around this titular restaurant and sure it might be just the daily lives of the customers who dine here as they try different cuisine from their own world, but LA sees this as something more than LA expected...with a few lulls here and there.

Well, LA might as well start with kitchen staff of Isekai Shokudou, mainly Tenshu voiced by Junichi Suwabe the chef and the two waitresses Aletta voiced by Sumire Uesaka a demon who stumbles upon the restaurant and became a waitress to pay off for the food and learn more about different cuisine and Kuro voiced by Saori Oonishi a transforming black dragon who lives on the moon (don't ask) and like Aletta stumbles upon the door and becomes a waitresses so she can have her fill of chicken curry. Tenshu is probably the most interesting character in the series as by extension the restaurant itself and how the door works, two of the three are explained. Aletta is quite interesting as she looks into the process of making food first hand (as well as tasting it) and how develops with this to make her life much better in the process not to mention all her new contacts she receives for her waitressing. Kuro on the other hand comes rather late in the anime but we do get some world building with her especially when it concerns the Seven Dragons but something about her isn't really explained but that a bit later.

So what about the customers?, well at first LA thought many of these characters were gonna be one-shot characters and to be occasionally seen at the restaurant, however as the anime went on, they did start to interact with one another and then it kinda clicked to LA that this anime isn't JUST about the food shown in the anime, it shows the blending of culture or clashing of them through it's customers coming to eat at Isekai Shokudou. As such, Sharif voiced by Atsushi Tamaru who wants to romance Adelheid voiced by Reina Ueda under the guise of friendly trade relations and on the other side of the spectrum Sarah Gold voiced by Kiyono Yasuno an adventurer and Heinrich Seeleman voiced by Tomokazu Sugita a noble bickering about which food is better fried cutlets or fried shrimp...yes this actually happens.

LA thinks some of the problems Isekai Shokudou faces however is well explaining things, as such how does the door function, who even made it? to things involving the customers especially due to how many customers coming into Isekai Shokudou, it was even hard for LA to remember which customer had links to what (not to mention characters looked similar at times confusing LA even further at times) which can easily lead to "who's he/she again?". Finally LA brought this up but Kuro is kinda a Death Dragon of the sorts lying death in her wake wherever she goes that's kinda why she lives on the moon, then how doesn't everyone just die instantly when she enters Isekai Shokudou (even in her human form?)'s kinda glanced over.

In terms of animation by Silver Link, the animation at best is consistent throughout the anime from some exotic character designs (and some blending together at times) to some pretty accurate looking food which yes, LA kinda needed to eat something afterwards as it's not Shoukgeki no Souma levels but close enough. Nonetheless the animation was detailed and consistent without much to talk's what you expect from an isekai slice of life anime.

As for voice acting, this huge cast of characters are amazing from Yukari Tamura, Shizuka Ito, Reina Ueda, Sumire Uesaka, Saori Oonishi, Nao Touyama and Tomokazu Sugita however LA thinks the problem lies in the how much screentime each of the characters get and it's limited at that, however LA would easily give LA's favourite voice actor to Sumire Uesaka.

If you expected Shougeki no Souma levels of food porn and cooking...well kinda yes, but that really isn't what Isekai Shokudou is about, it's the blending and clashing of cultures with it's customers in the restaurant, character interactions and the endeavor of finding better food. Sure Isekai Shokudou has it's lulls when it comes to one-shot characters who hardly interact with any of the other patrons but even then Isekai Shokudou does what an isekai slice of life food anime does and it does itself good.


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