Should I watch Battle Girl Highschool?

Should I watch Battle Girl Highschool?

note I'm LA least it's better than Schoolgirl Strikers...barely.

So, LA doesn't need to tell you that these kind of mobile game adaptation with a huge roster of cute girls is somewhat hit or miss for LA, from Ange Vierge to Schoolgirl Strikers. Where does Battle Girl High School anime adaptation lie?...well before that...

LA has actually played the mobile game for a time HOWEVER LA will try not be bias with LA's experience in playing the game with this anime adaptation.

So Battle Girl High School's plot is the typical stuff we see in these kind of anime adaptations of mobile games especially when it has a huge roster of cute girls in the mix, as in monster killings and slice of life moment intertwined with typical cute girl doing cute things tropes. In terms of plot format, the early episodes of the anime was a good sign for LA, from emphasizing the battles of defeating the monsters called Irous as well as the teamwork many of the students of Hoshimori had while defeating them. The best addition to this would be Misaki voiced by Rie Takahashi causing a divide in the class of Hoshimori to her stoic and uncaring nature towards her new classmates. Later on however, the anime goes into slice of life filler territory before bringing the plot back up with Misaki as the emphasis. What LA thought about the quick change in plot will be a bit later...

However where LA thinks Battle Girl High School exceeds or at very the least tries is in the character department. With 19 characters including Misaki int this mix, you'd think that this would be impossible and yes it is, however Battle Girl High School at the very least tries to give these characters stable personalities with some characters getting more of the limelight than the others. From Nozomi Amano voiced by Nao Touyama being the fashionista of the class, Yuri Himukai voiced by Sumire Uesaka being a stickler for justice and her being the head of the student morals committee to Kokomi Asahina voiced by Hitomi Harada being the shrinking violet. But probably the characters who have the most screentime and bit more development to their personalities were Renge Serizawa voiced by Yoshino Nanjo being the perverse yuri fan and this comes up during one of the slice of life filler episodes, Sadone voiced by Aoi Yuuki who has an inferiority complex and thinks she's useless due to Misaki and the idol duo of Kanon Kougami voiced by Kaede Hondo and Shiho Kunieda voiced by Shino Shimoji having their own episode with a concert. But the major character who pretty much gets character development in this anime would easily go to Misaki the mysterious transfer student. Why?...because her personality changes while she's with the Hoshimori class from the being the stoic loner to caring about her classmates by the end of it and it's hinted multiple times in the anime that something is up with her which actually ties into the final arc of the anime, if anything LA thinks that MISAKI is the main character of this anime not Miki Hoshitsuki voiced by Aya Suzaki who's supposedly the default leader of the class. Besides Misaki being LA's favourite character due to plot and being the most developed member of Hoshimori, in terms of the Hoshimori students in general, LA playing the game LA actually liked Renge at first but the anime changed that by giving that title to Nozomi Amano voiced by Nao Touyama because Nao Touyama shut up and Urara Hasumi voiced by Maaya Uchida because of her ecstatic nature and love of idols in the anime.

So what did LA actually think about the quick change of pace the anime had taken from being a rather playful yet serious early episodes to being outright slice of life filler episodes?...well yeah they were slice of life filler episodes mainly comprising of concerts, Freaky Friday flips and summer holiday episodes but where LA still sees merit in these episodes are trying to bring out the personalities of the 18 students of Hoshimori while subtly giving hints to Misaki at the same time with the occasional Irous fights inbetween. It definitely gets better once Misaki gets into focus and the final arc that tackles the "final boss" of this anime and brings Misaki's development full circle.

In terms of animation done by Silver Link is ok at best, the animation dips at times this includes the fighting but LA can see at the very least they tried to animate it competently. Character designs are ok as well though it falls under the "same face" syndrome though to be fair the mobile game had this to. The only characters LA only remembered after finishing this anime were Renge, Urara, Misaki and Miki if that is anything to go by. The animation does dip into derpy territory at times and it does seep into the fight scenes as well but nonetheless the animation done by Silver Link is ok at best but nothing to rage or praise.

In terms of voice acting, the voice cast is decent and LA didn't really have any annoyances besides Kokomi Asahina's voice actor Hitomi Harada (but that's just LA as LA just doesn't like shy extremely soft toned characters), but Misaki's voice actor Rie Takahashi probably got top billing for LA, right next to Renge's voice actor Yoshino Nanjo for her perverse vocals and Urara's voice actor Maaya Uchida for nearly sounding like Ranko Kanzaki, also LA knows this isn't credited but LA is soo sure that the major villain of this anime is voiced by Shizuka Ito, if so she really hams up her regal villain vocals for this role!.

So uhh remember the start of this review?...*ahem* " least it's better than Schoolgirl Strikers...barely." Yeah LA believes Battle Girl High School is marginally better than Schoolgirl Strikers and LA just wants to talk about how at the very least Battle Girl High School tries where Schoolgirl Strikers didn't. For one, characters in Battle Girl High School are developed better to the point of LA "remembering" some of these characters, not all, but some. In Schoolgirl Strikers, LA couldn't remember ANY of the characters in the anime not even the MAIN GROUP of characters. Where LA thinks why LA remembers some of the characters in Battle Girl High School more than Schoolgirl Strikers is that Battle Girl High School during it's slice of life filler episodes actually emphasized the personality of some of the characters and put them in "zany or weird situations", where in Schoolgirl Strikers the characters personalities is put in the background and the "zany or weird situations" in the foreground making their characters even more of a blank slate. Second is that Battle Girl High School's character roster is slightly smaller than Schoolgirl Strikers 20+ characters and even though LA said that Battle Girl High School suffers from "same face syndrome" at the very least the characters have enough diversity in their designs for LA to know that they are different characters, due to how Schoolgirl Strikers characters have soo many characters they blend in together at times (and some of the many characters also have similar personalities making differentiating them even more difficult). Third is that Battle Girl High School at the very least have the sense of urgency in their monster fights in order to protect their school as well as their comrades when they get in trouble by the Irous and brings emphasis to "invading monsters" where LA sees Schoolgirl Strikers urgency in defeating their monsters as something like have a 1 minute battle with monsters then let's have tea for the rest of the episode and even at that LA thought they gave up in the urgency of defeating monsters not even by the halfway point of their anime. Finally is that Battle Girl High School brings in a subtle mysterious plotline in the form of Misaki throughout the entire anime and her being the focus by the final arc was put in great emphasis developing her character in the process...something similar is done with Schoolgirl Strikers with Tsubame Miyama however her mysteriousness isn't brought up until the final 2 episodes of their anime and it's just as rushed and hardly develops her due to how quickly and rushed they put her in. Battle Girl High School still however makes some of the same mistakes Schoolgirl Strikers did (bulk of the anime being filler, the majority of cute girls not emphasized enough and the finale) but at the very least Battle Girl High School tried to do better than fluff around unlike Schoolgirl Strikers.

The final arc of Battle Girl High School brings in all the subtle hints to Misaki shown throughout the anime to conclude Misaki's development as a character and although the final battle of this anime pretty much results in "friendship power for the win", LA can actually gets behind this one sure it's an eleventh hour out of nowhere powerup but it does wring in the entire friendship scthick Miki had throughout the anime and again emphasized Misaki's growth as a character opening up to her friends to defeat the villain of the series.

Battle Girl High School isn't by any means a great or even good anime adaptation of a mobile game, LA likes Ange Vierge more for trying something different whereas Schoolgirl Strikers to LA didn't even try. However Battle Girl High School "tries" at the very least, it has similar trappings to the now tired mobile game anime adaptations with cute girls formula but if anything it tries especially with it's characters with Misaki essentially saving the anime BARELY.

Will LA ever go back to playing Battle Girl High School?, no, but even then this adaptation is still acceptable for LA to barely like it because it tried to make the entire mobile game anime adaptations with cute girls give a more sincere enhancement to it's genre with this kind of adaptation.


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