Should I watch Aho Girl?

Should I watch Aho Girl?

note: Im LA
Hmmm this anime short brings to mind a certain phrase from Danganronpa: The Animation's ED "Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku" to Aho-Girl...

"Sorry, but medicine can't cure stupidity (LOL)"

Also when did Hibiki Tachibana start being obsessed with banana's?

Witty segway..

Aho Girl was an odd entity for LA for Summer 2017, as Aho Girl falls into the category of a crude humor, unbashedly crossing the line SEVERAL times for the sake of comedy and yet...this is one of LA's guiltiest pleasure animes for Summer 2017...yeah LA knows right?.

Well to be accurate, the majority of the early episodes put LA off cept for the vast slapstick humor this anime had, but this anime got MUCH better once Aho-Girl's cast were interacting with the titular Aho-Girl Yoshiko Hanabatake voiced by Aoi Yuuki.

Character-wise, it's pretty divisive how LA thought about each character as it's usually Yoshiko that is the catalyst to the comedy in this anime. Akuru Akutsu voiced by Tomokazu Sugita is Yoshiko's minder and a studious character and will physically attack Yoshiko whenever she starts pissing him off and to be honest...LA doesn't blame him. However where it crosses the line for him for LA was when he "accidentally" tried to attack his little sister Ruri voiced by Sayaka Senbongi. Fuuki Iinchou voiced by Sumire Uesaka, the student morals president was LA's favourite the time, however she became OBSESSED with Akuru to the point of a stalker yandere and she crossed the line under the temptation and stupidity of Yoshiko pushing her to her limits made LA look elsewhere for a favourite character. If you thought LA would choose Sayaka Sumino voiced by Sayaka Harada, then no but close, as she is the most normal character in this series in an anime filled with crazy, stupid and violent characters but she became plain at best and a target for small breast jokes (in comparison to Fuuki's big breast groping by Yoshiko). If you think Yoshiko is a worse character in this anime short, then look no further than Yoshiko's mother Yoshie voiced by Yoko Hikasa who REALLY crosses the line in this anime as she tries anything to get Yoshiko off her back by forcing marriage on Akuru in any way possible and becomes a rival to Fuuki just for this reasoning. SO LA's favourite characters...well those go to the characters who appear later in the anime short, the gyaru girls Akane Eimura voiced by M.A.O, Kii Hiiragi voiced by Rena Maeda and Tadashi voiced by Yuka Iguchi, as their reactions to the situation Yoshiko gets them through were well timed and had great chemistry with Yoshiko, plus as much as they are gyaru girls, they are mostly innocent and moe at times and best of all, they're situations are tamer in comparison to to how Yoshiko gets the main cast into.

The comedy in this anime is also varied like it's divisive characters, it's one part crude humor to groanworthy panty shots fanservice, one part quick witted lines and finally one part stupidity and this combination as much as LA HATED this anime short early on, Aho-Girl definitely got better over time.

The animation done by diomedea is consistent for the most part and the character designs are typical of them, but the animation is probably the least interesting part of the anime.

The voice acting however...from Yoko Hikasa, Aoi Yuuki, Sumire Uesaka and Tomokazu Sugita hamming it up was GLORIOUS, especially from Aoi Yuuki pretty much shouting all her lines out in the crazy comedic accent she's pretty much if Hibiki Tachibana was in a comedy hey it went full circle!, anyways...Aoi Yuuki essentially SAVED this anime short for LA, just how bombastically stupid her vocals were as Yoshiko kept LA from watching more and got Aho-Girl out of the "so bad it's bad" territory. Aoi Yuuki might have saved this anime short for LA, but Yoko Hikasa took the best voice actor for LA, sure this isn't the first time LA saw her in a role with crude humor in it *cough* Seitokai Yakuindomo *cough* but Yoko Hikasa just goes all out with her role and deserves it.

Aho Girl is stupid, crude, obnoxiously loud, comedic, fanserviced to hell, crosses the line multiple times, moe, crazy, slapsticky and stupid and that's ok because you can never cure stupidity, so if you can't beat him...JOIN THEM.


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