Should I watch Owarimonogatari?

Should I watch Owarimonogatari?

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Owarimonogatari season 2 is the conclusion, final chapter, to the main storyline presented since Bakemonogatari in 2009. And to say that it was a long time coming would be an understatement. It has been nearly a decade since I fell in love with this anime. While it has had its ups and downs it never became intolerable. For anyone who kept watching this series for this long or joined the train, enjoy the finale. 

Mayoi Hell and Hitagi Rendevous are arcs with essential information that is needed to be build up before reaching the final boss. The final boss known as Ougi has been foreshadowed for some time now. Who is she? Where did she come from? We will have the answers to all our questions in this arc. All the pieces that have been lingering will finally connect.

Mayoi Hell consists of Ararargi going to hell after being intentionally killed by Gaen. If you haven't watched Koyominonogatari by now you should go back because it is very necessary. As well as obviously watching the rest of the series that has aired beforehand. Visually it is an extremely fun episode and seeing Ararargi and Mayoi banter after all these years is great. We saw them send each other off in the Second Season in a touching moment and in the Final Season, we see the wonderful reunion. The music that accompanies the touching moment towards the end pulls at your heartstrings. Can you call it manipulative? Sure but it sure has hell worked well. The comedic timing can be abrasive and I say this in a positive way. It's an onslaught of comedy smacking in your face with animation shifting from cartoony back to on model. With sprinkles of deep dialogue, we get a traditional Monogatari script. The most important element of the arc is Ararargi showing his attitude towards life changing but his heart remains the same. He will always want to save people even if he went back and did things again. However, he still shows some regret in the approach he took and how he could have improved on it. Anyone who has been interested in Ararararararagi's character development will be satisfied seeing him converse with Mayoi. In the second half of the arc, we are met with a character that was first introduced in Tsukimonogatari. To not get spoilers they converse about why Ararargi had to die and come back to life. This arc truly benefitted from the TV Special format because they were a ton of different settings being presented as Mayoi and Ararargi take a journey to meet the man who will bring him back to life. The animation quality was astonishing far better than what we saw in Owarimonogatari season 1.

Hitagi Rendevouz isn't just a filler date between our main cast and heroine. While Hitagi takes a large chunk of her self-proclaimed arc, Ougi Oshino interrupts to speak about the important implications that were presented in Mayoi Hell. Ougi's near threatening dialogue and the sound design gives me chills down my spine when hearing her speak to Ararargi. Without having any knowledge of the next arc, Ougi Dark, you feel anxiety throughout. But wait wait wait let's get back to the date between our main girl and main boy. Hitagi probably looks the most beautiful here than in any other series. While this is obviously a personal feeling I had to put it in the ethersphere. But being beautiful isn't just about the character design, shaft really kept up with the animation and kept her on model almost throughout. With the obvious exception of comedic animation shifts. The backgrounds are rich and full of life as Hitagi, with her new driving license, takes out Ararargi on a date. The date itself was very charming. The most befitting to a 6 months relationship. To the viewers, it has been 8 years.

Ougi Oshino is Ougi Oshino

What makes this arc very different than most arcs is that it is a bit mature, not as mature as Hanamonogatari was but close. We don't see much fan service and we see a lot of reflection of the past. Its a somber ending. I am glad we are at the conclusion. But do not fret there are more novels to be adapted which will be. While they might not hit as hard as these arcs in this season it will still be a joy to watch.

Thank you for the best 8 years of my life Nisio and SHAFT.


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