Should I watch Death Note?


Death Note is certainly one of the best anime ever created. It has a one of a kind story that very few anime can match. I can really say it is one of the best, if not the best anime I've viewed. 

A journal tumbles from the sky, and it can be used to kill anyone simply by writing that person's name in it and picturing that person's face. The entire anime centers around the use of this journal and whether killing someone with it, even if that person is evil, could be ethical. Light Yagami, the main character and first person we see use the journal, uses the journal with the intention of making a perfect world. Criminals and those who have evaded justice will be killed in the hopes of creating this paradise. Questions of ethics and morality are thrown at the viewer with every character having their own opinion on justice. 

Death Note's plot is exciting, compelling, and fast paced, so it definitely receives a 10 in that department. The majority of the anime is a constant battle of wits between Light and the other protagonist L. This two are quite possibly the two smartest human beings in the world and their constant campaign to outwit and beat each other is never boring.

Light and L are the most fascinating and scholarly characters I've ever found in anime. Both characters are compelling and you really end up wanting them both to win. Light is motivated, charismatic, and incredibly intelligent. However, to a great degree Light is unhinged, and becomes more and more deranged and disconnected from reality as the anime progresses. L is peculiar, eccentric, and scarily intelligent. Character development is one of Death Note's best attributes. Light starts out as a quiet and introverted character, but by the end of the anime Light has transformed into a bold and audacious character. Light becomes completely fixated on his idea of a new world and begins to view himself as a god. Every character, even the many supporting characters, are undeniably intriguing and entertaining I give this category a: 9/10 

Yet another splendid part of Death Note. The music adds so much to the feel and the sense of the anime. From Gregorian like chants to very modern sounding piano themes, Death Note features such a wide range of music. Opening, closing, and character themes are all fun and interesting to listen to and they all perfectly capture the personality of the characters and the anime. 9.5/10.

Every aspect of Death Note's animation is nearly perfect. From the subtle and dim colors used to characterize the dreary world in which Death Note takes place, to the dramatic way the pen draws across the paper when someone writes a name in the Death Note, every detail of Death Notes animation is top notch. The animation also feels much more serious and much more mature than most other anime, this adds to the more serious and somber tone of Death Note. A 10/10 on animation.

Exciting plot, intriguing characters, a splendid soundtrack, and near perfect Animation are the things that really make Death Note stand out from other anime. This anime constantly challenges society's ethics and morals as the battle between two of the most compelling protagonists commences. I have never observed an anime in the same class as Death Note. For these reasons no other rating is fitting for Death Note except a 10/10.


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