Otakued for a Comment

Otakued for a Comment
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Hi everyone,
Today we are gonna be talking about three prohibitions for s shinobi. I want to talk about them because they are not only prohibitions for shinobi but they are rules that we should follow as well. They can be very helpful in the human world and they are something that will lead you to success if you follow them carefully. The three prohibitions are mentioned in the episode where the Nine tails attacks the hidden leaf and Kushina and Minato seal the fox's spirit in Naruto.At the end when Kushina is almost about to die, she tells Naruto all about the three prohibitions. All of these prohibitions are connected to one another in some way. They are:


shinobi prohibitions

Alcohol is something that could affect you or a shinobi in a lot of different means. It causes fatigue and disables you from concentrating and becoming a good person or a shinobi. A lot of alcohol and you could become an alcoholic. You should try to stay away from alcohol even if you are allowed to drink, because sometimes people get so exited about the fact that they can finally drink and turn out to be alcoholics. Even if you already drink alchohol and you can't stop, well you can because it is all about having faith and believing in yourself. If you drink 5 cans of beers a day, try and drink four the other day and then keep on reducing the amount so that it is finally right because nothing is impossible. If you are a shinobi and you are drunk during a very special mission then you are as good as dead. Unlike Bushy Brows who eats the chocolate bomb(it was a rum ball) and fights like a crazy person.


three prohibitions of a shinobi

Money is also something dangerous. If someone were to ask me what the most dangerous weapons were in Naruto I would probably stick with money because you need money for the other two probihions. If you are careful with your money you wouldn't buy any alcohol. If you don't buy any alcohol then you will never be a drunkard. And if you are not a drunkard "you are good". So you see how money ties with all the other probihitions and in the most dangerous of them all. In the world of shinobi money has the same effects as in our world. There are a lot of ninjas who fight fire money or commissions. You might also know that you can paid according to the mission's rank. If you have seen the early episode of Naruto Uzumaki, you probably know about Gatou, his other men and Zabuza. Do you know why they all died? They died because the world was all about money for them.

They didn't care about anything else but money. And the result was the same: Death or severe punishment for all of them.

#3: WOMEN 

This one is kinda weird but women ties with the first two prohibitions. First all you care about is money, then it's alcohol, and then it's women. Now if you have seen all the episodes in Naruto you might know that the only guy who has broken all of these three prohibitions is "the toad sage of mount miyoboku, Master Jiraya". He did break all the three probihions of the shinobi and yet he was careful with them. He was always conscious even when he was drunk, and he always spent all his money on women, and wasted all of naruto's money. He was a good guy though. R.I.P Jiraya. But getting back to the topic you should🤔🤔🤔. I can't think of how to say it.. You know
what I mean 

You should also make friends but you should be careful about the people you consider to be your friends. It's better to have less friends that you trust rather then have a ton of friends that you don't trust. You should also help your friends in need and should be very kind to them.


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