Hi everyone,
Ever Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to see what I would look like as an anime character but I had no idea how that was possible. I tried to look it up online and I could hardly find any of such services and the ones I did find were too expensive and kind of outrageous. I don't think I found anything for under $50 so it was kind of crazy and I obviously did not find out what I looked like as an anime character until way later until an actual manga artist in Kyoto did a portrait of me. He had a different and unique(his own) art style but I wanted to try out something different (different art style).
           SOOOOOO. I figured, I would start this project :)


 So you have decided that you want to see what you would look like as an anime character. Its quite simple really. Just follow these steps:

1. Snap a picture or send us a photo that you have already taken to be "otakued" as we like to call it

Email your photo to (

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