In Defense of Gateway Anime

Yes, it's true There are a lot of cynical people in the anime community that think you're a tasteless noob if you just so happen to love a gateway anime. No doubt if you've sung praises to:
My Hero Academia Attack on Titan One Punch Man Sword Art Online
- you've been ridiculed for being a "filthy casual" or only capable of enjoying things that are new or action based.
If you think this is a new epidemic, you'd be wrong. These are the same sort of criticisms you'd get for liking:
One Piece
Fairy Tail 
And it's a real shame. Too many long-term fans stick to anime from the 70's through 2001 and refuse to give props when a new show deserves it. Not everyone is like this, of course, but a lot of people seem to have this problem. But why is this? There seems to be a negative stigma that if it's considered a gateway anime, it can't really be that clever or good. But this way of thinking needs to stop.
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